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    Yikes ! That's lots of dough for open water moorage. Where are you located?


    • Pcpete
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      If I moored in the Port of Everett, it would be about ten grand plus power for twelve months.

    I pay $760/mo for a 40’ slip here in LA. Interestingly that INCLUDES electricity and water! I suspect more KW’s are consumed in the summer using Onboard AC’s vs heat in the not so cold winters. Oh, can’t forget about the annual property tax levied by the county for the slip I RENT!
    Jim Gandee
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      And to think I was puking blood with $ 460/month covered in Portland! The bloodsuckers in Washington claw some excise tax out of us even if the boat is in Portland. They figure at some point you'll drift over the imaginary line in the Columbia. It's always about a cash grab.


      • Bacon
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        Washington can't charge you the use tax until you use it in Washington. That is not all that hard to manage with a power boat, not so much a sailboat tacking back and forth unless you motor to avoid the use tax. My sailboat was registered in Oregon. For peace of mind even though initially my Motor Yacht was moored in Oregon I went ahead and registered it in Washington. Hoping crazy Inslee's state income tax fails. Starting to be some tension between wanting to be a boater in nice area for boating and the fact that the entire West Coast is blue and not speaking of the water.

      Hi F1500. Not sure if you are still deciding on this boat or not but I thought I'd weigh in with my two cents because I took a look at the listing and realized the boat you're looking at is almost identical to the one I live on. We bought a 1987 3870 down in Olympia WA three years ago. We paid 34K for a boat that had been on the market for a long time and needed a lot of work. It was the first boat I'd ever owned so I really didn't have much idea of what I was getting into. I've learned quite a bit about these boats since then. Here are a few of my thoughts:

      1. Flybridge has been left uncovered for a number of years at some point. It needs to be completely redone. This seems simple but realize it will easily cost 4K in materials alone, will take a lot of time, and will continually get bumped to the back of your priority list because there will be more pressing things to consider.
      2. The fact the blender and ice maker are still there and operational is impressive, they are usually gone by this point. The boat was not completely abused. The canvas hatch covers are also a good sign, means somebody was trying to stop condensation. In general, the interior seems in very good shape for its age.
      3. If the engines start well and hold temperature to 175 degrees at WOT that is all you can really hope for at this point.
      4. I don't see any mention of the genset. That is really important. If the old Westerbeke genset is defunct replacing it is very expensive. Think 14K expensive. If it is still there demand to see it actually running and test it to make sure it is putting out power.
      5. Nice that a canvas enclosure is there but you will probably end up removing it shortly anyway and storing it away.
      6. Toilets probably need to be replaced. Installing two vaccu-flush heads could easily cost 10K. Less if you do it yourself but it is not an easy job. Our boat came with two professionally installed vaccu-flushes and I'm so glad of it.
      7. You'll probably want to completely renovate virtually every area of this boat eventually. I would want to add a propane locker to replace the 220V range, replace the behemoth microwave with storage cabinet and range hood, replace all carpeting with hard surface flooring, and rebuild the shower so it is actually waterproof. Adding some sort of diesel heat would also be advisable.

      Brad gave some very wise advice earlier in this thread about not underestimating the time and expense required to improve these boats. I'm 3 years into mine and my to-do list is still overwhelming. This boat doesn't look awful to me at all but just realize that all the improvements required could easily take you 5 years to get around to. As he says, everything involved in these renos are expensive, non-standard, and time consuming. I honestly thought my boat would be shiny and new after two years, not even close. I don't regret buying it though, I love the lifestyle and living on my boat allows me to enjoy a beautiful harbour view in a real estate market that I otherwise couldn't afford. Just be very aware of what you're getting into. Paying extra money now for a boat that is turn-key is way cheaper in the long-run and you can spend your time enjoying your boat instead of constantly working on it.

      Victoria, BC Canada
      1987 3870 Twin 175 Hinos


        I just re-read the thread and noticed that the genset is 'down'. Knowing that, I think this boat is way over-priced at 43K. Without the generator you wouldn't even be able to heat up a pot of soup on this boat once you're off shore-power. If I had known the importance of the genset when I bought my boat I would have bargained way harder. You're looking at 4K (I think in Canadian dollars) to install a propane locker and a Force10 stove just to be able to cruise, and you'd still have no heat on the hook. Ask the seller why he hasn't replaced the genset himself if he thinks your offer of 34K is a lowball insult.


        • Flyin1500
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          Thanks for the comments. I'd love to get on the water NOW, but I think waiting for a boat that won't need as much work will be worth the efforts. Plus I really like the hardtop over the cockpit and having that enclosed especially in the PNW. Cheers!

        I still haven’t ruled out See Esta. I figure maybe offer 34k and see what happens. That being said, what about this gem? Would love to hear
        y’all critique the pros and cons of this boat.


          Reed Point Marina. Just outside of Vancouver, BC