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    4388 Questions-gctid352013

    I know there are a few other 4388 owners out there and I thought I'd post a couple questions on some issues I'm struggling with.

    First. I'm trying to get access to the back of the lower helm. I believe it has to come from the aft head. I can get the panels off the dash from up above, but getting to the back where I need to run a few wires has got me stumped. I'm guessing you need to pull the vanity cabinet, but not sure.

    Second. I'm getting ready to put new toilets in both heads. I'm going to replace the waste lines and will be running a fresh water line and wiring. The rear head is no problem. But the front one is a pain. Is there any access to get to the chase where the toilet sits? IOW, I need to run plumbing and wiring from the cave, past the rear head, past the shower, to the front head and I have no idea how to get access.

    Third. I'm getting rain water down into the bilge. Its coming down the rear corners. It seems as if the drains on the fly bridge, which lead to some 1" corregated tubing, must be leaking. Any idea how to disassemble those drains at the flybridge end? I can get to the tubing from below and by pulling some trim in the cabin, but I can't figure out how to get to the upper portion where it attaches to the drain.

    Fourth. I'm getting ready to pull the cabin seating out..the portion that goes around the table. There is a kind of kick panel below the seat and I can't figure out what attaches it.

    Thanks in advance. I'm guessing there may be some commonality between the 4388 and other models on a couple issues, but really not sure.

    Thanks very much for any help.



    Re: access to back of lower helm. The upholstered panel above the cabinets and sink is Velcroed in and just pulls out.

    Re: access to chase under shower. I had the same problem when I installed my two Vac-U-Flush heads a few years ago. Remove the water tight storage box under shower seat. Held in by screws and caulking. After installing just re caulk and screw back in place.

    Cleaning off the old caulking is a real pain.

    NOTE: It is very important that you install a 1 1/2" vacuum relief in the top of the holding tank. The choke valves on the old heads acted as a vacuum relief. Vac-U-Flush and others do not function the same. The little vent line is not big enough to keep the tank from collapsing during pumping at a dockside station.

    Re: Drains, I have the same problem, looking for the same solution.

    Re: Settee Cushions, The aft is attached by screws in the insulation above the battery switches. The front is held in place by screws that are installed behind the refrigerator, luckily someone had pried the panel off stripping out the screws and Velcroing them back on. The Port cushions are held by screws in the seams. You have to feel around in the seams to find them.




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      Bob or Toni any chance you know how to access the back of the shower valve so I can replace it? My fitting broke off where the hose connects to the main valve and I can not seem to be able to figure out how to access this from behind to remove and disconnect the plumbing