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Projects never end--Companionway Stairs

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    Projects never end--Companionway Stairs

    While waiting for the LED light strips I ordered for the hallway on our 4788, A couple more projects have come up. I just received a wifi back up camera. Not being able to see very well out the back when maneuvering in lose quarters has been bugging me. So we'll see how much, if any improvement we get. Plus, I just like being able to take a peek at what's behind us moving down the water.

    But here is the real one I'm curious about. Anyone out there ever added a step (or two) to the stairs leading down into the lower hallway? I took a bunch of measurements today and I think I can pretty easily add one step and increase the run an inch or so on all of them. Sara and i both have pretty bummed up knees and with the recent low back fusion I had, stairs just ain't my favorite. Course we can make do with the OEM, but a shorter rise and equal or longer run would make them more akin to the stairs leading to the pilot house.

    Any thoughts or experience with such a project.? I did see a thread back in 2014, but all photos are gone. Seems as if two steps can be added if I'm not mistaken.

    thanks in advance.


    Yelm, Washington
    1994 Hino powered 4788

    Toni, adding another step is relatively easy, just be sure to make the treads deep. You want a long surface underfoot more for going down than up. I increased the depth of my salon to galley steps shortly after buying Glauben. The hardest part is laying out the stair jacks, the part the tread is mounted to. If yours are hinged, they can be fabricated off site as opposed to the jacks being mounted to the bulkhead, then the treads added. I also got rid of the carpet cover and used iron wood for treads with several coats of floor varnish as a finish. Click image for larger version

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      I briefly considered modifying the stairs when I redid the flooring, I did install wider treads which seemed to help some. Ironically I find the steps going to the pilothouse from the salon the worst. The modification that I was considering for the passageway was to convert the stairs into more of a ladder type design similar to the steps that go from the pilothouse to the flybridge. If you have ever been on a 42 OA they use a hinged ladder to get to the lower berthing areas. Sounds like a neat project to do good luck


        Thinking about it, I do not think the project would be al that difficult.

        Just keep in mind thast you need access to under the lower step to service the bilge pump and on some boats the transducer.

        You are right about projecvts never stopping.

        I am up early and will try to put the guest head back together today having demo’d it out for wallpaper and rotten wood removal.


        where are we right now?


          There was a fellow on this site a few years ago that documented putting an extra step in going from the salon to the forward companionway, Timberwolf, I believe was his handle. If I recall right he added one extra step and he really liked it. I don’t recall how easy/difficult it was.
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            thanks all. I think I'll tackle it right after the holidays since we have a few boating plans over the next few weeks. On a good note, I did finish up the new lighting in the companionway. Ran about 20" of high density led strip on each side. Works great. I could read down in that hallway now!


            Yelm, Washington
            1994 Hino powered 4788


              I think Chartable is correct. The fellow “Timberwolf” had the boat on Vancouver Island. Maple Bay if I remember correctly. He did a bunch of mods to his 47. He had tons of pictures of all his mods. The stair mods were one of them and he had step by step pics. I contacted him on the forum regarding the Lonseal flooring he installed. Below is the only pic I have from his mod showing the stairs but at least it gives you an idea. Looking at the pic, it appears he did not have the small access door to the area between the guest head and the salon/PH stairs. The other aspect I recall he had to consider was the electric heater on the P side. He also devised a way to access the forward bilge pumps. I believe he sold the boat a few years ago but you may be able to sleuth out a way to contact him off the forum. I think he was friends with a couple of members on Vancouver island.
              Click image for larger version

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              (Kevin, is there anyway to recover the lost pics? It is such a shame to lose those and all the knowledge they represented.)
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                Unfortunately there is no way to recover photos, as they were imbedded in the old software.

              Thanks so much for that picture. I have to deal with the heater vent, but that should not be too bad. I don't have the other access door so no problem there. Looking forward to the change. right now, we're deciding what to do about carpet v wood flooring. The carpet is original from 1994, so there is that. My question about the companionway is that the surface is not flat, so how best to handle that, We'll see.


              Yelm, Washington
              1994 Hino powered 4788