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    maintanence BOC/ Passagemaker magazine-gctid351999

    There is a wealth of information on the BOC from many members who are experienced/work in the capacity of boat systems. Another source is magazines/publications. One particular magazine that I have subscribed to for many years is Passagemaker Magazine. This is a power cruising magazine targeted at high end ocean capable passage making boats. It is way above my financial capabilities but I mention it because of the articles it contains that are applicable to many of the questions asked on this site's forums. I also enjoy reading about the boats and their voyages. One of the major contributors to the articles is Steve D'Antonio a very knowledgable professional.

    I do not have any financial interest in this magazine or its contributors but mention it as another source of information.

    Moderator, if this thread is inapproriate please delete.

    Richard in Wisconsin

    2002, 3788


      1998 Bayliner 4788
      1989 Bayliner 3270 - SOLD-


        I read Passagemaker as well.

        Reading the articles, many if not most of the adventures depicted in the magazine are well within the capabilities of the larger Bayliner (or any other brand) boats. 90% is just coastal cruising.

        Passagemaker and the boat advertisers sell a dream. Going to distant shores, seeing faraway places. I love that dream.

        To many that dream is the big any seas capable boat costing millions of dollars. In reality the dream is actually doing the things, seeing the places. What the boat advertisers don't tell you is that you can do almost all of that in whatever boat you own.

        So I say, read Passagemaker, take it with a grain of salt and live the dream. If you can scrape the money together take a summer off, cruise part of the great loop, or make that trip to Alaska. Do it in the nice reliable boat you have and make the memories.

        If you wait for some day, some day may never happen.

        As far as the maintenance articles, yes, they are applicable to any cruising boat.


        Whats the weather like on the boat

        Where am I right now?


          Steve also has a good blog you can join for free.

          John Rupp
          1989 2455 Ciera Sunbridge
          5.8 OMC Cobra

          1989 3288
          Hino 135


            DITTO DITTO DITTO! Cant agree more on Passagemaker magazine. Real people writing real articles and not just boat manufacturers promoting the latest "whatever" with whatever.


              I too truly enjoy Passagemaker and have for years.

              Did anyone notice the price of admission to Steve D'Antonio's Captains Club on his blog , $5000 / Yr.

              The Captains Club members get special access to Steve. The guy is very boat savvy but he would need to drop by my boat routinely and bring his tools for $5000 a year.
              Jim McNeely
              New Hope a 2004 Bayliner 305 Sunbridge Express Cruiser
              Twin 5.7s with Bravo2 drives
              Brighton, Michigan USA
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