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    Hi All,
    The 89 3888 I had the deal on resurfaced today. The stringers and a few deck areas needed repair. One yard had a price of $ 40k which killed the deal. Fast forward, The owner has found someone to repair and it is going to be hauled out in a couple of months and repaired. My surveyor is going to drop in a couple of times to monitor the work. Assuming it all goes well, I am likely to pick this one up. The delay actually has been fortuitous. Boating in the PNW is dicey till about April or May. I saved all that dough on moorage etc. I can apply that to personalization etc. More as things develop.


      I would stay far away from turbos. They can be a nightmare. Most of us with 38's run around 8 knots so who needs an extra knot or two. Not worth it.

      The 175's are bullet proof. Even if the mani's are toast, Earl has them for a pretty good price. At least he did last time I checked.

      The Hinos are long haul truck engines. They are still using them. OK, Why?




        I agree with Johnny, the 175's are pretty reliable. We've got over 2500 hours and put over 1200 hours on ours in the last 7 seasons with no issues. They are industrial engines, we run at the peak torque of 1800 rpm for hours at a time. These engines are dry sleeved, 4 ring pistons, oversized oil filters, oil centrifuges built in etc. On the loop we changed oil every 200 hours and neither engine ever needed oil added between. I see from the pictures the 89 you're looking at has been kept in a boathouse for at least some of it's life, that's a big plus.

        1989 Bayliner 3888, 175 Hinos,
        Hurth 630's Onan 8kw MDKD
        Lowrance Electronics!
        Boating on Georgian Bay & the North Channel
        Completed the Great Loop 07/25/19
        AGLCA #8340
        MTOA# 7469


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          I hear you guys. I feel the same way about the whole turbo conversation. Just more expensive and problematic. The 89 I've got the tentative deal on is non-turbo. As you all say, these things are essentially a trawler speed boat. Especially if you watch the fuel gauge. Thanks for the thoughtful input.

        my friend who is retiring and moving to Florida just listed his 1989 38. It’s 4 slips down from mine in Alamitos Bay, SoCal. I’ve been on his boat several times but haven’t looked at it with a buyers eye. I can tell you that they use it often and it is maintained. I doubt it’s got stringer issues! I realize it’s not in your backyard but I moved mine from Portland to LA and it’s not that big of a deal. Via truck it'll be home in 2, maybe 3 days weather dependent or you can enjoy a terrific adventure and run it up yourself. I’d crew for you if timing worked out. I believe he’s asking around 50K for it.
        Jim Gandee
        1989 3888
        Hino 175's
        Fire Escape
        [email protected]
        Alamitos Bay, SoCal


          Hi Jim. Worth looking at. I don't see it on yachtworld. Any links to his ad?


          Hi All, Another 3888 was brought to my attention last week. Since it has the turbo's, my interest level is medium. One thing it has that is cool but problematic is a transom mounted davit. I LOVE the
          Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_2021-02-14 1993 Bayliner 3888 Motoryacht Motor Yacht for sale - YachtWorld(20).png Views:	0 Size:	652.6 KB ID:	612137
          convenience, but am not thrilled about the post in the cockpit, nor the weight/leverage added to the aft of the boat. Many of you guys seem to talk about the aft heaviness to begin with. On the other hand, it makes the dingy usable quickly and has a great look. Another drawback is the increase in LOA. That may be a problem at the marina I am contemplating. Anyone have this system?


            You would get a heck of alot of fun use out of that setup. I'd think it would offset the weight aft if you can deal with the LOA.
            Tony Bacon,
            Washougal, WA
            Caspian, MMSI 338355743
            1997 3788 Cummins 250hp