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    Bayliner 3460-gctid351534

    Hi Guys,

    I am shipping my newly aquired baby a Bayliner Trophy 1987 twin diesel from LA to Subic Bay Philippines next week. I need to have the Arch removed to reduce the shipping cost. Can anyone give me advice on how to go about it. Im in the Philippines so will have the trucker do it.

    Regards / Peter Clark

    Have a yard in the LA area build a cradle for the boat, de-rig the arch and other components, and get her ready for shipping. I'm sure one of the SoCal members can get you better info....


      Thank you but shipping transport & a cradle is arranged. I just need to know how to remove the Arch so my friend there can instruct the trucker how to go about it. Does it have to be cut, is it bolted on or attached in another manner.


        It's most likely bolted. But if it's like most it's a multi person job and likely involves access to nooks and crannies never meant to be revisited.

        I don't know your boat. But I would have boat guys remove the arch not a trucker.
        Jim McNeely
        New Hope a 2004 Bayliner 305 Sunbridge Express Cruiser
        Twin 5.7s with Bravo2 drives
        Brighton, Michigan USA
        MMSI # 367393410


          For a 1987 model, odds are it was mounted the same way as on the 32xx. In that case, there will be four long bolts near the bottom of each leg on the arch that will have nuts on the inside of the hull. Your shipper will need to figure how to access the inside and he may need a helper when removing the nuts. Wiring needs to be disconnected and the arch can be lowered carefully. Just be careful when down to the last two bolts. I used carpet scraps to protect my arch during transport.