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  • Universal Mounts for Down Riggers-gctid351401

    We have Cannon mounts on our 3888, but the P.O took the riggers. We wanna know is there an after market universal mount so we can use any down rigger or are we stuck with the Cannon, or have to buy new mounts for whatever type of down rigger we want. We really like the Penn ones, but the mount issue stands, we hate to have to drill new holes in the trim for mounting again

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    It would be nice to have a picture of the portion of the downrigger mount that is still on your boat. If the mount is manufactured by the manufacturer of the downrigger, the brackets are specifically made for their brand. If the bracket used by the PO was one of the many after-market units on the market, someone may recognise the bracket and let you know where you might find parts.


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      this will work for you


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        I like my digitroll Cannon, and my mag 10, my second choice would be the Scotty, do not skimp on the different models within each brand.
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          Those are great universal mounts I have them on my dinghy


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            This is a good thread on the subject


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              As I recall - the Cannon base is smaller than the Penn.

              Remove Cannon, use one/two of those holes drill new holes for the Penn fill old holes with sealant when sealing fasteners for the Penn

              Old Holes are hidden & sealed.

              Downrigger of choice is mounted.

              Go fishing - drink beer - life is good.

              Boats get used, an extra hole here or there from lives past are no BFD.
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                The brackets in the craigslist ad were manufactured by Offshore Marine. As fas as I know these are not currently manufactured. The guy who purchased the rights to manufacture the parts worked for a local sporting goods store and the store claimed they had the exclusive right to sell the brackets since he was their employee. That's the last I heard about this company.