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12V wireless light switches

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    How about a Switch-Bot (
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      Is this what you're looking for?

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        all of those do not have a physical switch

        For smart home automation you can get a ZigBe or Z-Wave swtich that is a physical switch... looks, feels, and works just like any other light/power switch... but it also has wireless capabilities. So you can turn it on and off with a smart hub or something like that.

        There are NONE for marine purposes.

      I'm unclear why you would want these on a boat. The controllers all consume power while they're "listening" for a wireless instruction. Wifi enabled consumes even more power as it monitors the connection. I don't need more stuff draining power consistently with little value. In other words, I will always want a manual switch to power it off so that it doesn't consume power unless I'm plugged in.
      This is why I have a switch to shut off my inverter that powers a few 110 outlets. If I'm on the hook, I can turn it on when I need it but otherwise it's off so it's not consuming power. Maybe others don't have concerns around wasting power?


        I know you want some type of remote automation but not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Do you simply want to turn on or off a couple of 12v items remotely as in from home? If you want full control as in dimming then you cannot use exiting wiring as all light need to be controlled by both the positive and negative wires to accomplish this and our boats are not set up this way.

        To make a long story short, I have had Boat Command installed for a few years now and have nothing but good to say about it. There are 3 switches you can use to control whatever you want so lets say you want to turn on the galley lights, no problem, turn on the bilge pump, no problem. Just need to hook up the item you want to control via a relay and you are good to go. Although I do not use this feature, it is available if connected. If you want to control more than 3 devices, this will not work

        The system is more of a monitoring device which costs about $80 a year which is not bad at all. This is what a screen shot looks like from my configuration which can be changed to suit your needs. Love the idea of all the alarms that can be set up, shore power disconnect, temperature, bilge alarms, high water alarms, pretty much all one needs in a small inexpensive package. This system is cell phone based so you do need to have your boat in an area where there is a cell signal.

        Cheers, Hans
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          I get what you're saying, and I can do that same thing with NMEA 2000 integrated virtual switches. That's not what I want though... I want a simple physical switch that also has Z-Wave or Zigbee capability. I want to be able to walk down the hall and press a switch to turn the lights on or off... but I also want to just say "Hey Google" and accomplish the same. Now sure, I can use SignalK with NMEA 2000 switches, ITTTF integration, and few other tricks to kinda, sorta, but not really, make it happen.

          I have remote access and telemetrics through my SignalK server and VPN access, it's simple and easy to put together but I want much more.

        I am a big fan of the idea of Zwave and Ziggee wireless devices, and would utilize devices if they could work on a 12V system.

        The challenge is that there is not much call for these in 12V because the market is driven by the home automation industry which is AC based.


        Whats the weather like on our boat

        Where are we right now?


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          I know... and the frustrating thing is that the circuitry inside is all 5v DC... and can operate on 12v with no problems. And think about it, the luxury yacht market is ripe for this.

          Like I said, I might have to create something myself... or maybe I might take one of my spare switches from home and see if they work. Who knows, maybe it is just dumb luck and it will all work.