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Had my 4788 weighed today

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    Had my 4788 weighed today

    Had my boat hauled today.

    I am suspecting some inaccuracy but they said my 2001 4788 weighed 49,000 pounds.

    AFT strap was 27,000 pounds and fwd was 22,000

    What have you guys found your actual weight to be???

    where are we right now​​​​​​???​

    How full were your tanks? Was your dinghy on board? 20K above shipping weight seems rather high to me. Even if Fuel was 4k, water was 1600, that leaves nearly 15k--which is a LOT of "stuff" on board.

    Thinking of my heavy additions:
    Water maker- 200
    8 golf cart [email protected]/lb each, plus inverter, less one [email protected]=~400
    Dinghy plus its fuel and gear- 800
    Electrical cords 115 ft of 50 amp, 200ft of 30 amp, plus adapters=250
    ~1650 there

    Alcohol/wine/beer- 300
    Soda, other na drinks- 200
    food- 100
    cleaning supplies-100
    pots/pans/kitchen goods-100
    tools- 100
    spares- 100
    ~1K there


    That is all told about 3k, plus figure other miscellaneous things I am not thinking of for a couple thousand more.

    Ship at 29k
    tanks at 5k
    stuff at 5k
    total 39k--10k less than your measurement...
    2000 Bayliner 4788 "Perfect Balance"
    370HP Cummins
    Zodiac YL 340 30HP Nissan
    Moored at Roche Harbor


      The boat is as I use it. half fuel, small water tank pretty full, and all the things folks add.

      where are we right now​​​​​​???​


        That is surprising. Not that a boat that is that is 52.5’ overall shouldn’t weigh 49,000 lbs, many trawlers that length do weigh that much or more. It must be the scales, unless your swim step and boot line are under water!
        Partner in a 1999 4788

        Seattle, WA



          First the load cells used on lifts are often out of calibration. It helps to have a history for these weighings. When you first had significant work on your boat at North Harbor did they weigh it before they put it into the water? If so was or is there a significant difference. I generally look for changes in the weight rather than an absolute value. Changes can be due to anything added or removed as well as the hull absorbing water. The latter is the one I worry about the others are just the normal price we pay for making the boat more enjoyable and safer for our friends and family. I will say my boat weighs in at 40 or so thousand pounds and the specs say it should be 30 or so. It's been the same since I bought her in 2006 so I've not been concerned.

          Normally you can detect that the boat is increasing in weight by just looking at the water line. Having to paint new water lines is a dead giveaway that the load in the boat and hull is increasing.

          Hope this helps,

          RB Cooper


            This is a crude calculation based upon the drawings in the manual and an average density for seawater. By my calculation, the cross section of the boat at the WL is 469ft^2. Based on a density of 65 lbm/ft^3 every extra inch underwater would displace about 2500 pounds. Does this sound right? For example 444 gallons of diesel weighs 3083 lbm, so if I am correct full tanks to empty would amount to about an inch difference in freeboard. Unfortunately I can’t find the displacement from the factory, but for some reason 40,000 lbm sticks in my head as the weight of a fully loaded 4788. Does your boat sit lower in the water than the other 4788s in Seward?
            Partner in a 1999 4788

            Seattle, WA


              Keven our boat is up in that area area with all the upgrades and personal stuff on board.
              USCG OUPV
              1990 4588
              Carlsbad, CA


                Kevin - Were you aboard when it was weighed?

                Click image for larger version

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                1999 3788, Cummins 270 "Freedom"
                2013 Boston Whaler 130 SS
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                  The scales indicated about 45000# when we had our boat hauled last year. Yard guy told me that travel lift scales are notoriously inaccurate. I wonder if the trailers NHD uses have scales?
                  2000 4788 w Cummins 370's, underhulls, swim step hull extension
                  12' Rendova center console with 40HP Yamaha
                  MV Kia Orana
                  Currently Alameda CA


                    Thanks for all the replies guys!

                    I do nt know how accurate the travel lifts scales are, but my numbers seem consistent from the replies with what other 4788 owners are seeing. I notice that no 4788 owner has reported a weight much different than mine.

                    Regarding the water line. My boat sits low in the aft like pretty much every 4788 I have seen.

                    I am on the hard tonight and am getting bottom painted. Relaunch is tomorrow. I am having bottom paint covering the boot stripe because in the aft the boot stripe is right at normal water level, but again that seems pretty standard for most 4788’s.

                    In terms of what I have onboard my boat is what I would consider “Normal” for a 4788 but certainly nowhere near what it left the factory with. I won’t go into each thing, but it’s easy to add up quite a bit of weight just in ones head using rough numbers.

                    Anyway thanks again, and Norton that is me in my little kayak,

                    KEVIN SANDERS
                    4788 LISAS WAY - SEWARD ALASKA
                    where are we right now​​​​​​???​



                      I had the same surprise when we had our 4788 surveyed. About 42000. Whaaaat? But reading about the experience of others now it seems consistent.
                      Patti & Gordon Lewandowski
                      Sammamish WA
                      1998 4788 (April 2018)
                      ”Knot Home”


                        Originally posted by Knothome4788 View Post
                        I had the same surprise when we had our 4788 surveyed. About 42000. Whaaaat? But reading about the experience of others now it seems consistent.
                        I think that as others have noted, the scales are not all that accurate, but with ranges coming in from 42-49K pounds I’m thinking that the wet weight of a 4788 is within that range.

                        It’s a lot of boat!

                        KEVIN SANDERS
                        4788 LISAS WAY - SEWARD ALASKA
                        where are we right now​​​​​​???​



                          Kevin, you had most of your boat refitted with new engines, generator, and other items. Your boat could be as much as 49K.
                          Patrick and Patti
                          4588 Pilothouse 1991
                          12ft Endeavor RIB 2013
                          M/V "Paloma"
                          MMSI # 338142921


                            Kevin, you must have one helluva liquor bar on board.
                            1998 3587 Bayliner, Port Orchard, WA


                              Most wife's do not understand the #1 boat rule Bring something onboard/bring something off. Mine don't get it.
                              I was so heavy over the 4th that it kinda scared me, 8 people run to one side to look at a stupid whale and it was like a 16' lakeboat!
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