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U-Line Icemaker - Help Needed

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    U-Line Icemaker - Help Needed

    The ice maker on our 5788 has gone on the fritz, right at the start of our vacation. It’s 7:00 pm on the Saturday of a long weekend, and we’re in Victoria already for Canada Day on Monday, and then plan to head over to Roche Harbor next week.

    The problem with the ice maker started yesterday, when it seemed to be dumping too much water into the freezer receptacle. The water would overflow into the ice bucket and freeze the first inch of ice cubes into a solid mass, but at least would continue producing some useful ice.

    Today that changed, and now the water pours in continuously, and the water valve will not shut off at all, even if I manually rotate the mechanism to emulate a freeze cycle.

    I have phoned around for a complete replacement ice maker, but no-one seemed to have any inventory (and it’s a holiday weekend), but I was quoted $2,350 CAD with a possible next Thursday delivery date, but I would have to go to Nanaimo to get it.

    In the meantime, I wonder if anyone has any experience in fixing these units, as I’m not sure if it’s just a water valve problem, or something more serious. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    'Merlin V'
    Vancouver BC

    Sounds like mine did when I took it to Sure Marine. I had tried to repair it with a new thermostat but it was a waste of money. The one in Nanimo sounds pretty expensive, even in CAD. Did you try Sure in Seattle?
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      Hi Rod
      You might try. LOWES if you have them,or like store maybe Capital Iron for a portable ice maker,many of our Friends with Tin Teepees use them.Also found solenoids at Lowes,might also try R/V shops,appliance stores for a solenoid doesn't haven't to be for a U-Line......Hope this helps...Brad.
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        WIll raising the bail bar stop the flow of water? If not, there should be a valve behind the ice maker to shut off the water. I'd use it as a freezer and buy bags of ice until I could investigate and research for parts - $2350 is a lot of bags of ice.

        If you really want to replace the ice maker, you could see if Sure Marine could load it on Kenmore Air as freight. Kenmore will have a lot of flights to Roche over the July holiday. Or...I'll be in Friday Harbor with the boat over July 4th and the weekend. If you can buy one from Sure Marine, I can pick it up and bring it to Friday Harbor. You'd just have to arrange picking it up.
        1999 4788


          Rob, are you sure it’s not the solenoid valve that’s the issue?? The valve for the 47 ice maker is

          U-Line Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve - 2552A

          Last time I priced one it was around US$57. Go

          i guess it’s no good stopping by your boat for a margarita eh!

          John H
          Brisbane QLD Aust

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            Sounds like the water valve is sticking. Located at the front_bottom where the water line attaches. They are quite esay to disassemble and clean.


              MevlinV I feel your pain of not having when the need arises. My solution to the U-Line ice maker in my 4588 10 yrs ago was to replace with an Edge Star , IB 120 for ~$300. At the start of this season the unit malfunctioned, not producing ice because the internal temperature fail to get below 20 deg. So, I ordered a replacement through Amazon, $309 next day delivery. A plug and play model 10 yrs ago and today.....$$$ saved for other repair expenses.
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                I just repaired my ice maker. If your unit is cooling then it’s worth the repair. Start with the solenoid in the bottom front of the unit. It’s an easy replacement and the cheapest to do. If that doesn’t fix the problem then you can replace the ice making unit itself. Again not difficult. Look to iTunes for tutorials. I replaced both parts in my unit to the cost of about $300. It works fantastically now. Good luck. All parts should be available on Amazon.


                  Sucks not to have ice when you need it, but as Gpwood01 said they are inexpensive to repair. I have replaced the ice maker assembly twice for around $230. I have not replaced the water valve but access to it good. Our 4788 does not have a manual valve in the waterline.
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                  Seattle, WA


                    I had a similar problem on my U-line ice maker and it turned out tp be the rotation motor. the motor output gear has to turn something like 2.8 revs per minute, and if less or slower the dwell time on the micro switch that opens the fill valve is too long and overfills the ice tray. Called and spoke to a tech at U-line and after several questions pulled this bit of info out of him. You can buy a replace motor assembly from U-line and that fixes the problem. Cheaper that a new ice maker. Good luck!!


                      This probably isn't the fix to this problem but if you pop the square cover off the front of the icemaker unit there is a screw that adjusts how full the tray fills (how big the cubes are).
                      Mine sits "uphill" the whole time and the rear cubes were overflowing during fill and making a big old brick of ice in the back of the tray.

                      +1 on taking apart the watervalve and see if it is gunked up. Take about 20 minutes and maybe save a bunch of hassle with bags of ice, and a service call later.
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                        Ok I've played the Uline game for quite a while. The last time my icemaker died, I donated the carcass to a professional AC/HVAC guy and bought a cheap chinese replacement from amazon.


                        At $300 or so I thought it would be worthwhile to at least try out before investing another $1200 on the uline replacement. It fits the same spot and for the past two years has worked correctly supplying ice as needed. Now admittedly I don't have a huge demand on it but it might work well enough to allow you to continue your trip with all the ice you need. Technically it's only difference is that it doesn't have the "heat cycle" just before the ice is dumped into the hopper and consequently it only produces 1/2 the 24 hour ice production of the Uline. It's a plug in replacement. I don't know for certain how you might arrange the delivery but I'm sure that something could be arranged at one of the more popular marinas.

                        Hope this helps,

                        RB Cooper


                          Hi Rob,

                          Mine did exactly what yours did, for a long time it would overfill and cause blocks of ice then one day it just started pouring water and did not stop. I replaced the valve and the ice maker assembly, messy job with that goo but well worth it--machine runs great and no problems since.

                          The quoted price seems very high, I would check with Sure marine in Seattle if you want a quick replacement of the whole unit. I am sure they could get it up to Roche Harbor for you quickly and you could easily pick it up there. Installation is simple or I can get you in touch with Aaron who does work on the island quickly. Aaron also could replace the assembly and valve I am sure (though I did that one myself).
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                            Thanks for the responses, they are all appreciated.

                            As we’re in Victoria Inner Harbour Celebrating Canada Day at the Empress Docks, there’s been little that we can do to find ice maker parts right away. For now, the water is shut down on the U-Line, and it’s operating as a freezer only. I have removed the solenoid valve for checking, and may be able to buy a replacement from a local appliance store on Tuesday after the long weekend.

                            We headed into town yesterday and purchased a portable ice maker. For $120 CAD, this little guy is rated at 26lb of ice every 24 hours. I’m not sure of that quantity, but at least it’s producing ice regularly, which we’re storing in the normal way in the U-Line to keep it frozen.

                            As there’s nothing automated on the new ice maker, it’s finicky to keep it topped up with water, and emptying the ice, but at least we have plenty of decent ice so life is good again.

                            Thanks again for the advice.
                            Bayliner 5788
                            'Merlin V'
                            Vancouver BC


                              Oh, here’s the portable ice maker.
                              Click image for larger version

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                              Bayliner 5788
                              'Merlin V'
                              Vancouver BC