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Novurania 430DL on a 4788?

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    Josh. Everyone skipped the towing question.
    We keep a 14ft zodiac with 50hp Honda on ours. Obviously we have a bigger Davit crane and my fly ridge is reinforced with big stainless stanchions.
    We tow it all summer everywhere. And it’s really not a big deal. We have a short line for small local no wake speed tows. We have an extension to that line for higher speed tows on fair weather that we simply caribiner connect to the short line and we have a long line for rough sea or longer distance.
    We have hit real bad weather and towed her fine. We can tow at 17 knots in good weather and she tracks straight behind the second wave.
    Always engine up.
    It makes for easy fast dinghy access when you get to port and leaves your fbridge free and clear for sun loungers and cocktails

    sounds like a nice dink. I’d consider towing before you downsize.

    note we don’t use a bridal but do have a large oversized clear right in the middle of the swim-step fwd at the base of the transom and this keeps her nice and centered.
    5788 Man 610's- Love Her !
    Sold:Bayliner 3587 | Extended Hull


      5788 Man 610's- Love Her !
      Sold:Bayliner 3587 | Extended Hull


        Simbad, when towing with the long line you have the tender on the back side of the second wave if I understand you right. How far is the tender behind the mother boat when you are towing it with the short line?
        Also, how do you handle the tender when docking the big boat?
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          We have 2 short lines. One right behind the boat with the tender only a couple of feet behind the boat. We only use this for at idle slow towing. If we are doing a very short run or pulling into an anchorage or marina etc. we have a mid size line for running up to 12 knots that doesn’t put her as far back but is easier to pull back in. The short line works great if we are going nice and slow.

          As for docking. If it’s an easy slip like an outside linear dock with not a lot around we simply use the short line and reversing, spinning etc she just stays quite right to the aft of the boat. And when docked we pull her in.
          If it’s a tighter marina we actually pull up outside. Pull on the dinghy and tie it to the two rear cleats parallel to the swim step. So the dinghy is essentially sideways tied snug to the boat. As long as it’s slow movements. This is totally fine and just as if the tender is an extension to the boat. And when we dock she’s already tied up ready to go

          we tow all summer. And works great. And when i’m too lazy to go throw the long line on I save a ton in diesel on the big boat going slow
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          5788 Man 610's- Love Her !
          Sold:Bayliner 3587 | Extended Hull


            Hey high can you get the dinghy to jump out of the water in 6-8 foot seas?


            • simbad
              simbad commented
              Editing a comment
              Too high !

            I am definitely going to set up a tow rig for the dinghy, even if we do wind up able to put it up top, the ease of towing it may be worthwhile along with knowing we have a backup plan in rough seas to not have any shock loads for a heavy lift. I have towed a large tender on a friend's boat many times and it was never a big deal but it was something that had to be accounted for and dealt with, watched, etc. (I will keep a dsc portable vhf onboard the dinghy in case it gets lost we can do a position request, which is set to auto answer on the radio, and not have it disappear forever)

            Simbad, with your setup what strength line did you use? specifically the amsteel blue...

            Once I get the dinghy back on July 3rd I'll update with how this all turns out. It may take me a little while before I even bother trying to lift it up given I will need to modify the rails and chocks to put it sideways if we go that route.
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              I probably should not open the debate on the tow lines as there are diehards that swear by the Amsteel. But I talked to a lot people that had used standard line, a lot cheaper and not had any issues and same for me. My shorter lines are standard floating nylon line that also helps absorb shock and my long line is a heavier duty line that was on the boat when I got it. Couldn’t tell you the strength of the lines. I got mine at fisheries and chatted with the guys there. What I got was a lot lighter looking than I expected but it shows no sign of wear and has never been an issue but i tend to use that for slower tows anyway.

              the large cleat aft and center on my swimstep is a massive plus though. Negates the need for a bridal and tows really straight. And then i also use for dock lines aft all the time too. It’s a great addition.

              Click image for larger version

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              BLOG ABOUT MY BOAT...
              5788 Man 610's- Love Her !
              Sold:Bayliner 3587 | Extended Hull