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Turbo & riser Hino EH700

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    The stainless is much lighter in weight, a more compact design and our were ceramic coated, 7 years old and still look brand new, the ceramic is what I feel is keeping them that way. Did the same when we replaced and Manicoolers and they also are so no signs of corrosion. the cast iron replacements I did about 12 or so years back so signs in months even though they were painted (not ceramic coated).

    Anyways, just sharing my experience, so far be fan of the ceramic coatings.

    Sadly, we replacing a cooling build in my strb hear exchange next weekend, hence how I know the manicooler is so clean on the inside after 2 years. (we did not do the cooling bundles back then as they tested and look good, but now getting a little leak that is allows small amounts of sea water into the coolant.
    1990 4588
    Carlsbad, CA


      My old riser is SS but trying to patch pin holes is not workin. Now we’re are looking at fabricating 316 SS components and rebuilding the riser probably $900. Wonder how much a Green Water riser w ceramic coating would cost?

      There is limited space for the riser under the engine room floor on the 1999 4588. Appreciate input.


        I just received my low profile risers from Greenwater on Wednesday (7/10). Dave at Greenwater was very helpful and responsive to my questions. I have Hino 175s. Both risers and shipping was $2300. Dave recommended ceramic coating if I plan on keeping the boat over 7 years. He recommended a shop for me in Auburn that does it. I think their cost to coat each riser is $150? I haven't been to them yet as I just received the risers.

        I should add, I am in Washington state.

        1988 38'
        Shear Bliss