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Hydraulic Davit Counterbalance Valve

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    Hydraulic Davit Counterbalance Valve

    From time to time we have encountered a high pitched 'squealing' noise on our Davit which has occurred as the hydraulic boom is being lowered with a load.

    The davit is rated at 1500lb, and the all-in weight of our tender is +/- 850 lbs.

    I contacted the folks the manufacturer by phone (Nick Jackson), and their suggestion was to replace the cartridge in the counterbalance valve (Part number CBCA-LAN), however I am having some difficulty in locating this item locally. In reading the Owners Manual, it appears that there is an adjustment process for this valve, and they discuss adjustments to prevent the cylinder drifting, which is not quite the condition that we are experiencing.

    Adjusting the valve counter clockwise prevents drifting, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience in making these valve adjustments who could offer advice or an opinion on which way to turn the adjusting screw with this particular condition occuring.

    Any comments would be appreciated.
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    Interesting. We get a Juddering noise quite loud when lowering the boom on ours. Works fine but always worry me it will give out. The line extends and retracts fine so I tend to avoid adjusting the boom as much as I can. Fine going up weirdly, from memory only when lowering.
    Be interested in what you find and any pics if you fix it. That’s if we have the same boom
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      cbca-lan is a rather standard cartridge available through Sun Hydraulics.

      Sun is a very large manufacturer that I have dealt with for over 30 years. There is definitely a sales distributor in your area. Probably around $100 cdn.

      Highly suggest you do an oil flush of your hydraulic system at the same time. Recommend you use Dexron II or III, ATF (automatic transmission fluid)
      Cheers, Hans
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        If they don’t have one, maybe it’s something that you can get from Parker hydraulic part that will work...I haven’t experienced the squeal, but now I’m going to take another listen.,, The only thing I do know is I can fish a dingy with my davit in hard seas even if it’s not floating upright. Lol....



          Sound like air in the system.........
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