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Kashiyama Raw Water Pump Leaking

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    Kashiyama Raw Water Pump Leaking

    Noticed water dripping from my port raw water pump last week. Hoping it was just a hose but it wasn't. I'm hoping it was one of the seals that can be replaced, but I understand some of the seals are not available any more. Took some pictures.

    So from these pictures, just wondering where most people think the leak was coming from and do you think it is repairable? I'm afraid it might have been coming out the aft bearing seal of the grease cavity. Not sure if Ii can fix that.

    With the impeller housing detached, the shafts spins pretty smoothly so nothing seems to be seized or anything like that.


      I would call Earl Summerville 1-386-383-1872 If can be rebuilt he'll know how or might even have those seals.....I bet that Impeller is at least 3 years if not more... I replace mine after 2 yrs....and they still look brand new no ware or compression of blades.
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        All parts are available in Nanaimo at MPS ....Marine Parts Supply, and total pump rebuilt at any small machine shop on the Island
        The guys at MPS can give you the name of a local shop
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          If it was leaking around the edges, the gaskets are absolutely replaceable, if it’s at the shaft, then the shaft seals need to be replaced at a machine shop. My standard answer for if you don’t know how old the impeller is, replace it. Make a note in your maintenance log. From my notes:
          Impeller – Hino 16131-1350, Jabsco 31130-0061 $67 at fishco

          From Kiwi Marine Services:

          Good source for other US marine and Kashiyama parts are "The Anchorage" in Canada.

          Pump model is a Kashiyama 1690-1659R

          Impellers: Jabsco 31130-0061

          Kashiyama SP-130

          Hino 16131-1350

          DJ pumps (Austrailia) 09-42-1001

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            Sounds good guys. My guess is that it is leaking at the shaft but I'll replace all the gaskets first and see what happens.


              What is likely the cause is the seal just inside the case. The gasket does not appear to have leak marks, although the other side of the gasket might show differently.

              The seal eventually takes a set/shape and becomes hard enough that it does not seal around the shaft. Tell-tale would be if it is leaking from the weep hole.

              This may happen when the pump sits unused for any length of time...waiting to sell, on the hard for a couple of seasons, etc...

              Good idea to try the gasket first...
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