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Found (or so we thought) THE ONE!! Until the pictures came and it has the Whitwashed wood!! :p

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    Found (or so we thought) THE ONE!! Until the pictures came and it has the Whitwashed wood!! :p

    Had a day of happiness thinking we may really have found THE ONE!! A broker called me who knew we were looking and he found a boat that we might be interested in. The boat had all the bells and whistles that we wanted, many upgrades, acceptable engine hours and it had decent service records!! Until the pictures arrived and it has the whitewashed ash wood. UGH!! I'm sorry, no offense to those of you that have this and love it. I do not love it at all and have passed on 3 other boats because of it. I like the rich wood tones of teak but even am ok with the 98s - 2000s with the lighter oak looking wood....but the pickled white wash thing I just can't do. So my question is this...although I did find an old thread, there were no pictures. Has anyone stripped the whitewashed ash down and stained it darker? How does it look? Was it a nightmare? I literally would want every single piece of wood changed. I would love to see pictures if at all possible.

    What kind of boat?

    We have a 3788 with the whitewashed wood and thought about refinishing it, but there's way too much wood to do. While we would like a darker wood, the main issue for us is the lack of contrast: light wood, light beige carpet, beige upholstery. We are tackling the carpet now and will also change the salon countertops; both will be darker. The hope is that it would look better once it's all done.
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      It's a 4788...and waaaay too much of it to strip sand and refinish....if it could just be stained and maybe varnished I'd do it...but the stripping and sanding is just too much work and soooo messy.

    My previous Avanti had the whitewash wood. Boat cabins tend to be dark and gloomy in general, the whitewash really helps in this case. Everyone that visited it thought it was stunning and several asked what type of wood it was. Guess this is why they make white cars and black cars.
    Cheers, Hans
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      Gotta agree with you on the Avanti if it was a sunbridge. I had one too...and I didn't mind the whitewashed wood...but it WAS the 90's and whitewashed wood was in and indeed it did lighten things up down there. It was also mint green and pink fabric which I thought was great as well....oh how things change.

    Personally I don't think the whitewash wood looks bad and I agree it does brighten up the interior. However, if you like teak and when you step into a interior with teak and say to yourself; "yep, this is what I what like..." It might be kind of hard to get past it. I the grand scheme it shouldn't really matter that much. It should be more about the places you travel to, the activities you do and the people you meet. After all, how much time is really spent in the boat?
    With all that said, we chose teak when we had the choice and the teak boat was the one in the best condition too (we got pretty lucky). It's hard to say, I get a appreciative feeling when I look at the teak interior in our boat and I'm not sure I would feel the same way with the alternative.
    In conclusion with large boats (or entry level yachts), these are an emotional purchase to at least some degree. I suppose you have to look at the whitewash wood and imagine in the future if you will say "oh well" and learn to except it or possibly even like it or if you look and say "I should have held out for teak".
    It certainly is a personal (or family) decision.

    Best of luck with such a vexing choice - may we all be blessed with this first world problem...
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      Best of luck with such a vexing choice - may we all be blessed with this first world problem...[/QUOTE]

      And to this I say cheers. And it doesn't have to be teak but it can't be whitewashed ash either. ;P


        You might consider wrapping the doors/panels in a teak or redwood wood grain vinyl. Sounds cheesy but a friend of mine had his 4788 doors etc done that's looked the worse for wear. He was very happy with the outcome. I did see it and you wouldn't pick it. He's since sold the boat, but I'll see if I can get the contact info. I believe the installer was in Renton.

        John H
        Brisbane QLD Aust

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          I don't envy your position...gotta be a toughy...good bones, well maintained, low hours, excellent shape, upgrades...OUCH

          Would adding teak veneer over the ash be an option...(sorry, my woodworking hobby coming out)

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            Could be worse. Could have the Disco upholstery ....
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