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1986 3270 listing more to starboard than before (pic included)

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    1986 3270 listing more to starboard than before (pic included)

    Hi all,

    When I bought this boat a few months ago, it had a small list to starboard, which seems normal from what I've read on here. But in the last several weeks, the starboard side seems to be going deeper. I'm attaching a photo taken today. Unfortunately, I don't have a matching picture from when I bought it.

    The port side seems to be at about the correct height, with the bottom paint still out of the water, the starboard side is down to the boot stripe. I can not find a reason for this starboard dip. Here are all the details I can think of:

    -I weigh about 250 pounds, and me standing in the port aft corner is not enough to level it out. (also you can see there is an outboard over there helping hold the port down.)

    -It rained a lot last week, but I can't find any standing water anywhere. The cave is dry, and although there is a few gallons (less than 3) in the bilge, nothing to account for this.

    -If I can believe the fuel gauges, the starboard tank has about 75 gallons and the port has 50 (both 100 gallon tanks) but I assume even if the starboard was completely full of fuel, it shouldn't sink to the boot stripe. But this would account for part of it.

    -I checked with the fresh water tank full and empty, and no noticeable difference.

    -I did replace 2 group 27 batteries with group 29, but they are on the center line.

    -The mechanic has a lot of parts and tools inside the cabin, all on the starboard, but they are mid-ship, and only the stern is getting deeper. If the bow has changed, its maybe raised up slightly. Also, everything heavy has already been installed. But this would account for some of it.

    -I assumed there was water trapped in the glassed in box that the starboard fuel tank sits on. Its a big space, and in the rear corner. But it seems to have 3 drains to the bilge, and I have stuck a coat hanger in all 3 at least a foot, and no water came out. I was really hoping this was it, it made so much sense.

    I'm looking for any other ideas. It did rain a lot last week. Anybody know of any secret areas that could be hiding water on the starboard side? Is there any chance the area beneath the molded in step where you step down into the boat doesn't have an open bottom and could be filled with water? I don't want to just start drilling exploratory holes in a boat! I know eventually I'll drill deep enough and find water, lol.

    thanks in advance for your help,

    ​ ​

    25 gallons of fuel makes a big différence. Most of the time I try to keep extra gas on port side.
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      Hi Denis
      Diesel fuel weighs 6.943 lb a gal. This could to your problem??a friend with a 3218 always put more fuel in port tank to compensate for the list,he even had a gen set on Stb side.remember all the heavy stuff is on Stb i.e. cave head and so on....Hope this helps...Brad
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        Rain water can get trapped on the shelf that your fuel tanks sit on when the boat lists to one side. That might be making your list worse. Open your hatches and rock your boat and see if water rolls into the bilge from the fuel tank shelves. That’s one of the killers of the tanks on these old boats. They are perpetually sitting in a pool of water if the boat is located in a rainy area.
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          Black tank is probably full
          97 2859


            Well, I tried rocking the boat from side to side. Water fell off the arch onto my head, but nothing sloshed out from behind or under the fuel tank.

            The head isn't being used, so I doubt the black water tank has much in it, and I certainly doubt its level has changed, but I will check.

            I'm also working on a way to transfer fuel to the port tank. I'm wondering if it isn't one thing, but a combination of the unbalanced fuel, the extra tools and parts on the starboard, maybe also the black water tank. So Im gonna move the fuel, once the engine work is done the tools and parts will go away, and we'll see how that helps.



              A penny at a time, it soon becomes real money...

              I think you're running into "stuff" that's been added a bit at a time. After all, it certainly rained before you bought the boat so I doubt that has anything to do with it.

              By adding a few things at a time, as you grow into the boat, eventually you get a lot of weight imbalance. This is caused primarily by the amount of "extra storage space" you have on starboard as opposed to port. So it's easy to add weight on Starboard over time.

              See what happens when the boat is "back to normal"...shift some things around just for the hell of it, for example, everything in your fridge, galley storage and drawers, master storage locker, etc... Check also what you may have put up in the flybridge...

              I also recommend not using your fuel tanks as trim with what you need.

              All this assumes it didn't just happen "overnite"...

              Good luck...
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                Originally posted by CapMartin View Post
                25 gallons of fuel makes a big différence. Most of the time I try to keep extra gas on port side.
                I do same but usually my tanks are never more than half full. The comment above with regards to storing various items on the SB side is also a factor IMO.

                If you're going to add ballast, it might as be something useful like fuel vs lead or bags of concrete. Also IMO.

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                  99.9% chance it's gas imbalance. All the mechanics and as mentioned the black water tank are on that side as well. I keep anything that weighs anything in the bow, if possible. I found like 6 bags of cement behind my fridge from the previous owner. I had to laugh as I was paying to push that weight around for 3 years before I found it. i dumped that and just balanced the gas and keep the black water tank empty as possible.

                  Also, move as many batteries to port side that you can.


                    The boat is running now, and once we got it started, the fuel gauges changed, and now showed both tanks at 3/4 full. So there wasn't a fuel imbalance after all. It seemed to mostly just be stuff. The mechanic took all his tools and parts, and I moved my tools under the tabel (so still not port side) and it is MUCH closer to level now. Still a slight starboard list, but I haven't pumped out the black water tank yet. Bottom line is its much much better now. and the boat is usable! I will keep shifting weight to port when possible, and I will check for bags of cement hidden by previous owners!