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3258 Steering fluid leak-gctid407115

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    3258 Steering fluid leak-gctid407115

    Hi All,

    i noticed we had a small trail of red ATF fluid under our starboard motor. Its dripping a couple of inches in front on the transom and seems to be come from low down on the engine. I noticed our power steering fluid was a little low so i am assuming it is that. Any idea what could be leaking in that area? i couldnt find the source, it definitely wasn't obvious.


    Hynautic, Teleflex, and all other brands of hydraulic steering sold and repaired. We are the largest repair facility for older hydraulic steering units in the country.

    This site will help you. Not familiar with the 3258 system - do you have a pressure pot looking thing between the engines with a gauge on the top? This is the "reservevalve" and where you fill the system, pressure with air etc. If you don't have that and a more modern teleflex system then the steering stations are where you fill. I would start back at the stern where the steering ram is and try to trace out the leak moving forward. The fittings leak, maybe a slowly cracking hose.

    Anyway, figuring out what steering system you have is step one. Also, I don't think that's ATF - s/b hydraulic fluid.


      Thanks. i'll check the site out.

      I don't we have the pot you were talking about. I think ours is simply the reservoir that runs off a pulley on the serpentine belt, the reservoir has two oil lines that run to the hydraulic steering arm setup thats mounted behind the motor.


        Yeah, don't know much about the more modern systems but the ram should have a plate on it with the model etc. This stuff is generally in a spot where you need to stuff a small child to even look at it. The reason I mention the fluid is the older systems take a lighter hydraulic fluid like SeaStar or crafty fellows can substitute light hydraulic fluid. ATF supposedly does not like to mix and is heavier.

        Good luck !