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    3988 air conditioner condensation-gctid406857

    My 2000 3988 air conditioners dump the condensation water in the bilge.... what is the best way to route the water overboard, especially the front one that is located under the bed as I can't see the hose after it leaves the drip pan and no access is visible. The rear one is visible and I can reach the hose ..... I'm not sure what to do with it but I can figure out something but the front unit has me stumped !


    Defender industries ( 800-628-8225) sells a Mermaid condensator that is designed to "T" into the drain between the AC pan and overboard thru hull

    item # 901354 p. 128 in catalogue. You have to be able to access the drain and it needs to be all downhill. It is pricey at $164.99 + shipping but will el;iminate the bilge drain. On my 38' MY the forward AC drains a little uphill, I don't know if it will work there. It operates on a venturi principle and if you have some enginering background could probably make your own for much less. Anybody else have that knowledge and access to the venturi mechanization?

    Hope this helps



      My 97 3988 has a hose from the forward AC unit to the shower sump for condensate and the rear AC unit is mounted high enough that it has a gravity drain thru hull in the ER just below the cooling water exit thruhull.

      None of mine drain onto the bilge.
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        Easy to install and it works:
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          +3 on the Mermaid. This was the first thing I installed on my 39 11 years ago. Just clean the screens once a year and your good of course my cost $75 each back then at $165 I would do as ary suggested for the forward one.
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