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advice on buying 3688 with Hino 250(39)s-gctid406082

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    advice on buying 3688 with Hino 250(39)s-gctid406082

    I'm looking at buying a 3688 and have come across one with twin 6cyl. 250hp Hino's. That model typically comes with 210's. I'd like some advice on:

    - the reliability of the 250's

    Assuming the 6 cyl engine is heavier, does the horsepower offset the weight in fule consumption?

    New to all of this - have searched the net for a couple of hours trying to find some engine specs but NADA re comparing the 210's & 250's.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    I have the 250s in my 4387. They are bullet-proof if maintained properly. Very reliable.


      I have the Hino 250s in my 4388 and I to think they are exellent engines, well made design with many US Marine parts. I have also purchased 2 matching parts motors from a dock budy that re-powered with cummins 330s. Mine have 900 hours on them and I have gone through them and replaced all the hoses, belts, upgraded all the clamps, new seawater impellers and re-built both pumps, stripped and cleaned the manicoolers, installed new alluminum motor mounts, adjusted the valves, re-bult the turbos cause I dont like them to smoke, adjusted the fuel timming, dismantled and cleaned the sea strainers and installed new hoses, clamps and alluminum mounts, tightened pan bolts, removed small amounts of rust adding paint were needed..... Thats just some of the engine room list and the short list on the rest of the boat.

      I find that with the Hinos its a must to properly maintain them and I wouldnt over run them, I would only run a Hino up to about 80% of its power rating, after my thorough go through of these engines that is my opinion. I normally only run my engines in the 1800 to 2300 range they seem to operate very effeciently at these RPMs, and once in a while I will run them up to 2800.

      Make sure to get a good survey or at least check the stringers for dry rot if you are purchasing a Bayliner, many I have crawled around in seem to have some major dry rot problems.

      Good luck on your purchase.....Coon


        Make sure that the Hino's in your propective boat can reach 3,000 rpms +3 to 5% fully loaded as a brief test.

        This test will show that they are propped right and show potential issues related to overheating,mechanical and smoking.

        Consider having Earl review the boat when you have a serious candidate.

        Good luck - Hope this helps
        Northport NY


          Thanks Guys, your replies bring a couple more questions to mind:

          - do you think the 6cyl 250's are too heavy for a 3688 ?

          - where is the famous Earl located ? (I'm near Vancouver, BC)



            Earl is currently in the Pacific Northwest, if I'm not mistaken.


              He was in Anacortes Saturday working on my boat. He is in Everett for awhile. He will be back to Anacortes at the end of the week to complete my work.

              He is Da Man!

              1992 3688