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    4788 Windlass Tip-gctid404675

    I dumped all of my chain onto the dock today.

    Just to refresh the depth markings.

    No problems playing it all out.

    Two hours later I'm ready to bring it all back in

    Neither switch will do anything.

    Pulled out the voltmeter

    Battery ground to battery power - good

    Battery ground to switch power (when depressed) - good.

    Head scratcher for a couple minutes wondering if the Windlass is hooped?

    Then I checked the ground wire from the windlass.

    It and the battery ground wire are bolted together on opposite sides of a bracket.

    The bracket is mounted to the top of the chain locker.

    Just a mere 6" behind the entrance hole for the chain.

    Yup - the windlass ground wire is on the bracket side facing the entrance hole.

    It's been getting sprayed with saltwater each time the chain is brought in.

    Cleaned up the badly corroded ground wire and bolted it to directly the battery ground wire (the two sandwiched together).

    All is good now.

    In your spare time- you might want to check your ground connection for corrosion.
    1999 4788