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    Bilge Paint

    No big projects for a while on Merlin until the broken wrist heals over the next few weeks, BUT I only need one hand to paint.

    On other boats I have used Interlux Bilgekote in the bilge and engine room. I have found that Bilgekote is easy to apply, and although surfaces to be painted need preparation, the task is not onerous. On the downside, the overall surface adhesion is marginal (tape anything down with anything stronger than masking tape and the paint pulls off), and secondly, it has a really high gloss finish which tends to amplify even the smallest surface imperfections.

    Ideally, I'd like a low sheen enamel that has good adhesion, and can be brushed or roller painted. I don't particularly want to use gelcoat due to the attention needed to mixing the catalyst and drying time etc..

    Does anyone have a favorite paint that they use in this situation, be it water based or oil based?

    Any opinions are appreciated
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    'Merlin V'
    Vancouver BC

    I'd stick with Bilgekote. Was the surface degreased & sanded prior? And was any primekote used?
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      When I re-coated my bilge I used iso gel coat.
      I first cleaned with a strong detergent then rinsed well.
      Next I sanded, rinsed, dried then wiped with acetone, then applied iso gel coat, that was 10 + years ago, it still looks good and easy to clean.

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        Same process I used when painting with Bilgekote

      with my 1983 trawler I owned previously I repainted the engine room. I researched it a good bit and concluded that rustoleum oil gloss had as good of results as anything else. This worked great with my trawler and I never had any adhesion issues with it. One gallon is about $25 vs. $100 for bilgekote. I was extremely pleased with the results and again, adhesion and wear was very good.

      ~~1987 Bayliner 4550 Pilothouse & 17' Boston Whaler Dauntless~~


        I used bilgekote on my 3270 and was very pleased with the results. I tried Rustoleum but wasn't happy with it. But, all paint jobs are 90% preparation and 10% application. There isn't a product in the world that will adhere to grease.
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          I have an unopened quart of bilgekote I’ll sell you for half price. Bought it but the boatyard used their own :-(.
          Glen Sherwood
          1987 3270 twin 305’s
          Coupeville, WA