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Control cable junction box in cave

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    Control cable junction box in cave

    Does anyone know what the junction box in the cave is called? The control cables from both helms connect to this and then to the engines and transmissions. I'd like to clean and rebuild if possible. the previous owner used grease and I have some build up. Thanks in advance
    Kai Nani, Redondo Beach
    1989 MY 3288
    Hino 135hp with Hurth 630A Trannies

    I had to take mine apart to change one of my shifter cables. It's nothing more than a bunch of extruded aluminum c channel screwed together. No bushings, bearings, seals or anything to rebuild. Kind of tricky to work on laying on your side using one hand. I wouldn't recommend taking it apart if it works. If you do, take a lot of pictures first. I put mine together different than how I took it apart so it was binding. Had to redo.
    Vancouver, BC
    Former Bayliners 3218, 2859, 2252, 1952