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  • ONAN Genset problem-gctid403239

    We have a 12kw MDL3 Onan genset that has a broken drive belt and probably needs an impeller replacement. I'm having troubles figuring out how to get the front part of the sound shield off. It's on our 1989 pilothouse and there's not much room to work with. Anyone worked on the 12kw Onan before. Also, any recommendations on a part's supplier ?


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    Sound shield should be held on with clips on port, stbd and fwd facing top of panels. Bottom of each panel is held by friction fit clips and channel. If your arrangement is as my '88 you should cut and splice ( with couplers) the water hoses exiting the fwd panel. This alows you to completly remove that panel while you are servicing, and makes it very easy for panel to be moved when neccesary. I have found that sliding the stbd panel fwd and out of the way is much easier than trying to pull it out completely. Now you have full access to the servicing side of the onan engine. Belts are napa, or if you want to spend the big bucks, go with cummins belts. Try Depco pumps online for contact info about replacement pump/impeller. Really, one of the essier jobs on my boat. I follow thiese steps when doing any belt or pump tensioning or maintenance.


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      Thanks for the help and suggestions for the replacement parts. I suspected that cutting and splicing the water lines would help with servicing the unit. I was able to remove the side panels without to much effort but it looks like the top and front shields are one unit and without any room in the engine room cave, didn't see a way to even pull it forward. I will take another look next time we are at the boat.