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4588: Update, thoughts, questions

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    4588: Update, thoughts, questions

    Hi friends...

    Been a few weeks since I've last been out here, much happening with the 4588. First, she safely arrived at Lake Lanier a couple weeks ago from Savannah, where it was immediately determined that we had to soda blast the bottom because of the ridiculous number of hard paint coats that had been applied over time. The wide angle pic show the boat after the blasting, ok but not great, will still require a bit of hand sanding before a bottom job. BUT, the bad news is that when it was on the travel lift coming off of the truck, we realized she was leaking out of the boat at a forward area of the keel. The second pic shows a closeup after the blasting where , if you look closely, you can see revealed an earlier repair on the hull at the keel, a repair which has not held up. Now we are digging around in the floor looking for a subfloor area just north of the washer/dryer where we can get down to the actual inside of the hull, dry it out and determine the next steps...,not having luck determining where to cut in deeper. Anyone with blueprints or advanced knowledge of the build, please call me! 770.530.4797

    1. Timer - in the third pic you see a timer, I have no idea if it is an aftermarket install, or part of the original build. Hoping someone might know what its for.

    2. The access doors directly across from the washer/dryer in companionway - When I open those door, the space where the central vac would be, the air is putrid with blackwater tank smell. Honestly, it seems like every 45xx and 47xx I've been on there is always a toiletly smell in that area. Has anyone found a way to alleviate that constant foul odor.... and furthermore, is there even actually a holding tank vent filter on the 4588?

    3. If any of you are having leak issues just behind the master stateroom, the issue could well be the storage hatches up on the bow. I cleaned, prepped and Flex sealed mine, leak problem of many many years resolved. ( Apparently the leak on my boat had gone on for so long that half of the wall between the office and the mid stateroom had been reduced to shards of wood.) I will need to rebuild that entire wall.

    4. Shore Power outlets - On my 4588, besides the obvious 50amp outlets on the starboard side of the boat, there are another set of outlets in a storage compartment on the starboard side of the cockpit. Are those standard? They work, but it seems like the outlets on the outside starboard side of the boat do not there possibly a switch to choose outlets?

    5. Jabsco Spotlight - The big 7" model on the 4588's. Have mine on the work bench at home, introduced power to the spot/flood leads and got light. However, introduced power to the individual wires associated with vertical and horizontal movement, nothing! Should they move when having 12volts sent to them? Would I be better off just tossing this one in favor of a Jabsco 135?

    Great seeing a few of the 4588's on Lake Lanier this weekend....such beautiful boats! Gives me a reason to keep forging forward with this restoration.


    Hi Jeff
    Sent you a PM ....Brad
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      2. The access doors directly across from the washer/dryer in companionway - When I open those door, the space where the central vac would be, the air is putrid with blackwater tank smell. Honestly, it seems like every 45xx and 47xx I've been on there is always a toiletly smell in that area. Has anyone found a way to alleviate that constant foul odor.... and furthermore, is there even actually a holding tank vent filter on the 4588?

      I had the same problem when I purchased my 4788 5 years ago. Unless you actually have a leak which should be obvious to see, the culprit is almost certainly the sanitation hoses, which over time become permeable and release the odor.

      I solved my problem completely when I replaced my heads and all hoses. At the same time I converted to freshwater flush and installed a carbon filter in the holding tank vent line. I have not had a whiff of that smell anywhere on the boat since these upgrades. BTW I used the most expensive highest rating hose as I dont want to have to do this again for many years!
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        Congrats on getting your 45 to Lanier.

        so sorry to hear of the keel issue. The damage to the keel is forward of the standard washer/dryer location in the companionway? If so- I know of no good access to keel in that area short of cutting out a section of the companionway subflooring. one idea you could maybe help nail down where to cut is to run a remote camera forward from the access through the companionway stairs leading from galley to lower companionway. The middle step should lift up and reveal access to your midships bilge pumps there and you can see the keel at that location and as far as I know, that is the most forward point you can see or access the keel. You could run a camera up there to see if you can find the damage area and then measure the amount of feed you used for the remote cam. You can buy inspection cams that work with a smart phone on amazon for $30 or so.

        As far as the odor in the bilge area underneath the master tub/shower....have you checked your holding tank for leaks or cracks? This can be visibily checked by taking out the shelving assembly in the aft most head under the vanity sink. Holding tank should be just aft of that vanity sink and when you take out a few screws you can view the forward part of the tank and some of the sides. Opening the storage hatch on starboard side right @ the companionway stairs should reveal the aft part of that tank. It could be the hoses are permeated as mentioned above but before you move on other projects you may want to make sure your holding tank is solid and not leaking. it's common to have "some" odor there underneath the master tub/shower but if it's super strong that is a bit concerning.

        I'm not aware of any switch for shore power outlets in cockpit. I have single 50 amp service for my 45 and I have service on starboard side of pilothouse and also starboard in cockpit but I honestly have never ever tried the cockpit outlet to see if it works as I've never had a need to use it.
        Spotlight....I replaced mine with a new jabsco with a wireless remote so that I can use it wherever I am on the boat. Mine stopped rotating and cost to fool with it I decided to just replace with a nice new one that is smaller and brighter.

        Timer...I have no idea what that timer could be for? I don't have that on my boat. Is it still hooked up to something?

        Rotten wall...are you talking about the wall between the master stateroom and the bunk bed stateroom or the wall between the aft most stateroom and the bunk bed stateroom? If that wall between the 2 aft staterooms that will be a bit of work to repair that one! If you do have to gut that wall...I'd encourage you to check the condition of the drain lines to the foredeck scupper drains. I just had to replace the entire assembly on the port side of my boat due to old rotten drain lines and it was NOT a fun task due to the extremely difficult access and multiple drain lines coming together in a manfiold there on my boat. If you tear out that wall I'd per-emtively replace those scupper drain lines, check your fuel tank condition, etc. For that amount of a long term leak to destroy that interior bulkhead though you may want to check your foredeck, etc. for rotten balsa core.

        P.S. This is probably extremely low on your priority list given other things you need to address but I noticed you have the old flip up ladder on your swim platform. In the event you or someone falls overboard, it is harder to get that ladder down and the ladder, at least on mine, blocked my swim platform a lot. I replaced mine with a new 4 step under mount ladder attached to underside of the platform. If you don't do it while it's out of the water it's nothing short of impossible to do so that is something you may want to consider doing while boat is out of the water.
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          Hey guys... really appreciate the in-depth thoughts on some of these issues. It's my first 4588, so I'm in the dark as to some of the stuff. But with all of your help, some of the answers become much clearer.


            As you replace the sanitary hoses, that are likely permeated, the new best practices is to use schedule 40 pvc as much as you can. At the end of the job it’s cheap than first class sanitary hose. Now, if you change to a fresh water flush toilet like I’m going to install on my boat as soon as we get back from Hawaii, you can downsize the runs from the toilet from 1 1/2” to 1” if you buy ones with the macerator.
            The PO of my boat tried to mask the smell with air fresheners. A big grocery bag full!
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              I’m considering using sch 40 pvc for straight runs and flex hose for connections and bends. I am concerned there going to be lots of nooks and crannies to collect the nasty stuff at these connection points?
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