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Replacing potable water piping system.-gctid403061

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    Replacing potable water piping system.-gctid403061

    I have for years tried to find a leak on the drinkingwater side, but with no success. There is a leak somewhere that results in 1-2 gallons of sweet water in the forward bilge every day. Either there is a crack or a leaking connection on the hose but it cannot be located. I am also 100% sure this is the reason. ( if I fill the watertank, but not engage the pump, then it stays dry. Also during pouring rain. And the pump rans every 10 min for 5 sek when the presure is on.

    Have anyone of this great forum done it before? It should not be difficult but it requires a lot of tubing and connctions. Where can that be found as it needs to be hard but bendable so the flow stays clear. I will try to get all connections to one easily acessable place. Any ideas?


    I'd be hunting further for the leak and replacing the section that's failed, but

    If you're dead set on replumbing the potable system, I like Whale components. The tubing is nice to work with, and the fittings connect and release easily without tools. I've never had any leaks. And it's reasonably priced if you get it at RV suppliers instead of marine - same stuff.

    It is not 100% compatible with what you have now.