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4788 Leak over Galley Valance - found/solved

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    4788 Leak over Galley Valance - found/solved

    This winter we have had a leak somewhere above the valance outboard of the galley in our 4788. After reading many threads over the years of the difficulty fellow owners had experienced in tracking these kind of leaks down I was pleasantly surprised by my experience and wanted to share the problem/solution for the benefit of anyone with a similar issue.

    It manifested with water dripping into the most forward OEM light fitting as well as from the forward and aft ends of the valance -running down the teak trim forward of the valance and the above galley sink cupboard. It was a very small leak and took us quite a while to even notice it. A telling sign was when the Sisal mat we have down in the galley floor began growing mushrooms!
    After removing the valance I could feel up above that area where there is a ledge on which water had obviously pooled, but it was impossible to see from where it had come. I waited till it rained and with the valance removed I could see roughly from where the water was dripping down onto that ledge. A trip up top and an inspection of the radio cabinet to the port side of the upper helm revealed worn caulk along the back seam where the cabinet top meets the inner side of the boat. It was raining hard, but I was able to lay a line of temporary caulk to test this as the source. Going back below I dried everything off as best I could and returned home leaving the dehumidifier and heater on. Next day, despite many hours of wind and rain over the night the area was now completely dry. Simple solution thankfully. Shortly I will remove the temporary caulk and the old caulk and run a good bead along the entire joint.
    Alan Teed
    '94 4788
    Gig Harbor, WA
    2006 Hylas 49' blowboat
    Bayliner 2855
    1977 Cal 34' blowboat
    1981 Hunter 33' blowboat
    Experience: Sail 50 years, Motor 15 years. 2 Transats, 1 Baltimore-Virgin Islands, 6 Months cruising Caribbean, 3.5 years cruising Med.

    I’m glad yours was easy to find!

    Mine was a real bugger! Took years!



      Like Kevin, still working on it. On our last boat I literally had no idea where the leak was coming from so I took 5200 and put it everywhere I could neatly apply it so it wasn’t a visible eye sore.I don’t know what I did but somehow cured it.

      Now the pilot house windshield attaches to the fiberglass. It looks thin from below in the bunk room looking up and the leak appears to be coming from here but I have done everything I can think of save hire a professional to plug the leak.

      One more try by myself when it quits raining and warms up and until then the buckets stay in place.
      2001 5288
      Lucky Liner ll