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    Shore Power Cover

    Inspired by ksanders and his recent posts on re-upholstering, We have decided that this year we're going to do some canvas work for our new-to-us 4788. Our list of projects include a cockpit enclosure, a flybridge enclosure, Phifertex window privacy screens, reupholstered dinghy seats, and reupholstered salon and pilothouse seating. This is a long-list, and it will likely take quite a long time to actually complete. We've reupholstered two of our previous boats, so we have some idea as to what it entails, but we're also in no hurry.

    To that end, though, I thought it was time to bring out the walking-foot sewing machine, and re-learn sewing skills. What better way, then to do a project that is useful, but not critical.

    we run 2 30amp EEL cords from the 50 amp pedestal to the boat; how we got there is a long post in and of itself, but it is what it is. The two separate cords are cost effective, but also a bit of a pain to manager. So this past weekend we built a canvas cover for our shore-power cords.

    This made a great first project because it was relatively cheap (the most expensive item was the velcro, 2@ $20). I also used waterproof canvas, and not sunbrella or anything similar, for 2 reasons: First it was cheap ($5/yd), and secondly because it was heavier, thicker and stiffer than sunbrella, and I wanted to test the machine a bit. In the end it was a great project, as I ended up sewing over 200' of stitches (50' cords, with 4 runs of stitches along it's length). By the end I was consistently sewing straight stitches, and had re-learned all the details such as bobbin tension, presser foot tension, oiling, etc.

    Some day I'll write up all the steps and post it on my blog, but the short version of the process is to cut the canvas into 8" wide strips, stitch them together, and stitch velcro along the full length. I added cross-velcro to attach the cords the the rub-rails, but did't think through all the mechanics of actually using it, and should have just stitched one end on the non-velcro side of the cover.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Au5dcG83hx3IQIvwlIHXXZL4z9wWD91AhygBuVSNJVCd5Kt1D7WBw-S0-H4Oy1VhrjAksO_fvpW3XxpaiOEv=w2546-h1294.jpg Views:	2 Size:	405.2 KB ID:	410330

    But in the end, it worked. It looks good, especially from a distance, but also makes the cord management much easier:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	HIamRiTS8BMDinpaMh_nynB3W2vTP9dWTWbMFoGghCvE4HxAsZ0ych7nUAGZ2oKExFY1BMZnUMH97Wq9eUp8=w2546-h1294.jpg Views:	1 Size:	264.1 KB ID:	410332Click image for larger version  Name:	tzi5uA78m6QwduHjdo62yu9xS2KuiwFVbURB2Sooi5uG2rpoAgj50kPCBa0fIDOjPAKn9jDI6p4z2DbQwAFo=w2546-h1294.jpg Views:	1 Size:	294.4 KB ID:	410331Click image for larger version  Name:	-azvZIKiNv2hsIEsbbJcxRb_1PVwB47mv-sJEkSSLxHtQKFYC7MalMajlkF4vtm1Cf2L1PsZONE4SodZ5Hm0=w2546-h1294.jpg Views:	1 Size:	188.3 KB ID:	410333
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    Matt B.
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    Very nice cover!

    Wonder why I never saw your original post???



      I’m pretty sure you can finance the rest of your projects with that. How much to make me one in navy blue to match my canvas? I bet a boatload of us on the forum would buy these!
      Drew Haas
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