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3988 Propane Hose Installation

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    3988 Propane Hose Installation

    Does anyone have a recommendation or advice for running a propane hose from the fly bridge to the galley stove? I have pulled panels and covers off and the only way I have seen is to some how feed the hose into one of the two tubes in the forward part of the fly bridge which don't look easy to reach. Thank you.

    You have two choices unless you drill a dedicated route. Try to get it in the tube the throttle cables run through or, easier, down the runway that is accessed by removing the liner of the cupboard that is midway under the starboard bridge seat. The runway is slightly aft. It comes out in the lazarette and can be forwarded to the stove from there. I am glad I prefer the electric galley over propane because it is a big job routing the propane.
    1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'


      Curious question....are you installing any sensors for gas leak detection in case your new hose or the fittings, etc leaked unexpectedly?

      Propane scares me when it’s in an enclosed routing or has the potential of migrating into the engine compartment... I’m not trying to be a doggy downer, but propane gas always worries me.... Ive been told I have “safety”

      A few years back, I was next to a boat that had a gas vapor mishap when he started. He had internal propane but didn’t have any detection and felt safe thinking he could just use his blowers longer, and be ok... Unfortunately, it didn’t clear the bildge enough and he felt (in hindsight) if he had a working gas detection system, he wouldn’t have had the bildge explosion he had. It as pretty scary.... it didn’t blow up the boat, but it did make a mess of some of his bildge.... I carry propane, but it’s only on the exterior it’s a ton of ventilation.

      Just something to think about.,,