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    Last Sept, Earl recommended I switch to AMSOIL for my 310 Hinos. Since my boat was new, I have always been concerned that my oil pressure was slightly lower than I desired. Had the pressure gauges tested, even changed senders. I have used Delo 400 both fixed and multiple viscosity over the years in my 310 Hinos. I switched per Earl's suggestion and my oil pressure has gone up 10 psi at cruise and 20 psi at idle, both readings with a very warm pair of engines after several hours of cruising. I can not explain it but only report the facts. I am sold even tho it is quite a bit more expensive. I must admit I have been a skeptic of synthetic oils, but no longer. This is not a commercial, I have no interest in AMSOIL or any other oils, just thought I would pass along my experience.
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    I just switched a Husqvarna te510 motorcycle to amsoil myself. This is a high performance engine with only 1 quart sump. They ask that the engine oil be changed every 10 hours! First oil got dirty very fast, so I changed it at about 8-10 hours. I now have about 20 hours on the second quart and it is still honey colored. We use synthetics in industrial screw and piston compressors. I know many feel they are being "sold" on synthetics, which can be very frustrating when you are only trying to help someone get the most out of an asset. We take these things apart, and the difference between standard oil and a synthetic machine are clear and obvious. I am waiting to get a couple hundred hours on the Yanmars in our 4588, and they too will get amsoil. (or any wel respected synthetic I would think). I too don't have any stake in amsoil. We don't use it in compressors for instance, it's too expensive.



      Most of the guys around me use the Delo. I have been using Amsoil for over 20 years in all of my company machinery and vehicles, never had a problem with an engine I get double the oil change intervals and in some equipment triple.

      When I purchased my 4388 with 700 hrs on the engines the oil was terrible and had not been changed in who knows how long. I ran 2 full changes and by the third fill the crankcase was cleaned up. Have only put a couple hundered hours on them since and changed once more, when I pull the dip stick its hard to see the oil as they stay so clean. Gauges read 70 cold and run consitant 50 psi hot, I put the Amsoil stickers on the inside of my engine door, it is open a lot, the old guys notice my stickers and will ask me why I use that stuff, I tell them my story and they just shrug thier shoulders and grunt?

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        Pressure going up assuming that nothing else changed means that the Amsoil is harder to get to flow than the oil that you were running before.

        I don't doubt that synthetic is "better" but lots of toys running dino oil of all sorts and not one has failed due to lubrication except a snowmobile that the oil pump wasn't hooked up after a service by the dealer.
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