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    Upholstery shop suggestions

    Hi all,

    I am in the midst of doing several upgrades both inside and outside the boat. One upgrade I keep telling myself I want is what seems to be a simple upgrade of my salon couch cushions. I like to color and the couch is in pretty good shape etc, but the cushions are smooth and have no bolsters to help hold my bum in place when relaxing. This makes it quite uncomfortable to sit on for a long while, as I find myself having to keep my muscles tense to keep myself from sliding off the seat. I can’t simply plop and stay while watching tv... I know...I’m a whiner....sorry.... sometimes it’s nice to plop on the couch like I did when I was a kid... lol.

    I contacted a company (a really nice guy) and they gave me a quote, which seemed kind of surprising, as they wanted $1500 to modify/reupholster three cushions. $500 a cushion seemed kind of pricey. Maybe it isn’t, I don’t know... What are your thoughts?

    It is a salon J-shaped couch that seems to be Marine vinyl, not ultra leather, and only needs it’s three cushions modified/reupholstered so it’s more comfy. Maybe it’s a bigger chore to modify the cushions than I think, idk... I guess the question is, does anyone have anyone they can suggest to do such a project here in Tacoma, without breaking the bank?

    Thanks for for your help,

    Put pillows under the cushions.
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      Try Curtis upholstery in Tacoma, ask for Tim the owner. You want a good couch you will pay the price. Go price the top of the line mildew resistant foam that will last and not go flat on ya, man is it expensive plus material and labor, stuff aint cheap anymore. but Tim dose Great work.
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        Being a guy that is DIY'ing upholstery, and taking the time to learn the skills, I can say what you are asking for is not easy.
        Sewing nice flat looking vinyl is pretty simple. Add bolsters etc... it's harder.

        Then the cushions of course need to be recovered, that's probably a yard of material. Foam will need to be purchased probably half a sheet per cushion. Figure $75 in material total.

        I'm guessing a half days work per cushion for a skilled person in a good shop.

        Hundred bucks an hour for a person with a shop, truck etc... Yep $500 a cushion sounds reasonable.


        Whats the weather like on the boat

        Where am I right now?


          Might be worth a call to
          Kim @ Canvas Plus 22510 128th Dr NE Arlington Wa PH: 360 435 0932. I know she is great for exterior seating; not sure about interior but worth a call.
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            We reupholstered our salon couch and all of the pilothouse upholstery in November 2016 using RCB Upholstery of Surrey BC. RCB have a good reputation for high quality, but are not inexpensive. We used a good quality Ultra Leather and added more foam to the bolster areas (our original couch already had bolsters), and we had them use baseball stitching everywhere. The results were good, but the cost was obscene. We also reupholstered the pilothouse furniture, and added extended cushion bases, again with bolsters.

            Frankly, I wish we had waited another season before going ahead with the salon couch, as it looks really good, but I don't find it particularly comfortable. If I was doing it again, I think I would probably have completely removed the existing seating, and then used a home sized couch, and perhaps a separate barrel chair. The downside of doing this is the need to tidy up all of the walls in the salon, and then probably lose the under-couch storage. I think the costs involved would have worked out less.

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              That came out nicely!

            After doing the dock walk we found a person who came highly recommended and he was so busy we had to wait six months. For the pilot house and the captains helm chair we paid $4000 American which included very high-grade marine vinyl upholstery and brand new cushions . We had seen many other jobs by other upholsterers where in the curves, there were ripples; not smooth. Ours came out perfect and we have a request in for him to come and look at the upholstery in the salon, next. There’s no question that our guy in British Columbia is expensive but he’s very good . I don’t think that you would come up here for that work but I offer this as you assess overall cost .
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              I had my dinette redone by Mike at Seam's Right (206-979-0091), I was very happy with the results. One other thing to keep in mind is that the cost of fabric and foam really adds up, Mike was able to reuse the foam from the seat backs and that saved a lot. We used Sunbrella marine upholstery fabric and it was almost $900 just in fabric - I suspect that yours will be even more.
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                That’s the type of bolster I was hoping to add to my couch, Rob. I would rather replace the whole couch set up, though. I just thought I’d try an interim step in making the couch a bit more comfortable and do the cushions first... Do you think bolsters help hold you in the seat and make it a bit more comfortable?



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                  The bolsters totally hold you in place without the slip slide you talked about. Half of the gain that we made was getting rid of the original vinyl covering, as the Ultra Leather breathes and is not at all sticky when you're wearing shorts.

                Check with Kim's Custom Canvas in Arlington.
                She has all the bayliner patterns for almost every model back to the 1980's, maybe even Meridian.
                Your Hull ID will help her make sure she has them.

                I recently used her for our 4788 pilothouse and flybridge cushions.
                All the foam was still in great shape, so she just made the skins.
                I removed the old (tons of staples) and installed the new.
                They're a perfect fit, great build quality, and happy with the new look.
                And the price is very friendly.
                1999 4788


                • Woodsea
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                  Pat, that looks great! I’ve talked to Kim about doing the very same thing in our PH. Questions:
                  What material did you use?
                  About how long did it take you?
                  What kind of staple gun did you use?

                • cosmo777
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                  The material we used is the Dolce that Kim has. She has a couple different brands, and the Dolce seemed a bit better from the other, so we selected it fof that and for the color that most closely matched what we wanted. I would say it took me about a week to do all the cushions. I would do one or two a night. I made sure if I removed an old cover, I installed the new one in the same night since I knew how it came off.

                  Kim also has the meshy mateiral that goes on the underside of the cushions so I replaced that. And she also has edge cord for the backrest of the wing wall (in front of the pilothouse door). This edge cord takes a bit to install to look right.

                  I used a normal staple gun (albeit pneumatic) and stainless staples. I used two different lengths of staples depending on what area of the cushions you were stapling.

                  Overall, this seems like a daunting project, but its pretty easy. The biggest worry I had was wrinkles in the material after it was stapled, but if you don't like it - pull out the staples and do it again.

                NW Upholstery and Canvas has done an awesome job for me! I live in Gig Harbor but moor in Tacoma, he works in Tacoma as well. Great price and great quality!
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                  Cosmo777 I googled Kim's custom canvas but could not find them. Any contact info? Phone number?
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                    The name of the business is Canvas Plus. I believe that this is the phone number: 360-435-0932. If that doesn't work, call Leta ( and ask her for Kim's number. They are friends.
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                      We used to live in Browns Point Tacoma. I had several projects done by The Boat Top Shop and was satisfied with all their work. Jeff is the owner and is willing to work with you on pricing.

                      Always get more than one bid though.
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                        Everything that has been said is true! Decent marine vinyl is not cheap; We had a S/M that would work;we DIY. We wanted the old style (Tuck$Roll of the '60s). $375 for material and foam. Took over 3 weeks to do 2 pedestal seats and 5 cushions. Local shop wanted $1200 and 3days. That was on a Bay boat