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Spring is commin dont be that guy AGAIN!!!!!

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    Spring is commin dont be that guy AGAIN!!!!!

    Help out your local repair shops like Aarons marine repair in Tacoma next to narrows. All shops are slow this time of year, you will have no wait times and may even get better deals on repairs. So get your dingy, tenders and fishing boats in now. Don't be that guy who wines because you waited for spring repairs and shops are slammed.
    1993 43.88 bayliner motoryatch

    I agree 100% - winter is the time for maintenance. However, here I sit on the frozen prairies, over 2 weeks since I placed an order for some very basic maintenance parts with my local boat shop. Trying to be a good neighbour, patronizing the local guy rather than buying (for less money) online. I probably won't make that same mistake next year. I can understand running your inventory down for the off season but when I go out of my way to shop local and they can't supply basic parts (spark plugs, cap & rotor for example) in less than 2 weeks I've got to wonder how much they really want my business. I'm not talking about the specific shop mentioned in the post but all repair shops would be well advised to remember that we live in a connected world. Your customers may be willing to work with you and give you a premium for local service but they are not interested in being worked over, no matter what season it happens to be.
    R.J.(Bob) Evans
    Buchanan, SK
    Cierra 2755
    Previously 43 Defever, Response LX
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