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Ideas for stern tying to Seafair log boom?-gctid402599

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    Ideas for stern tying to Seafair log boom?-gctid402599

    Looking for ideas to protect my swim step while stern tied to the log boom. My current plan is to run my anchor out to pull the boat away from the boom (I'm in the white section near shore, so depth won't be a problem), but in case I have problems with this I need a mechanical method to keep the stern clear. I've seen others with elaborate wooden contraptions but they look too involved and seem to clutter the swim step. Any simple ideas?


    Why not use swim step fenders like this,

    ...or some Taylor Made "low freeboard" fenders like these,
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      BTDT - Old Tires are your best friend in this case. Think pickup truck - a 285-75-16 (about 34" diameter - tread ~11" wide) will work great.

      They provide decent cushion, sink - that is the important part. If you try to do this with an air filled fender it continually trys to float up and gets squirted out between log and the boat

      What I did last time we went (boat with outdrive) was to make a quick frame out of 2x4's that fit under the swimstep tied it off the stern eyes and it then was even with end of the swim step. Then had tires tied to it. Put stern lines from each corner around the log and pulled tight. No anchor required.

      Not sure how the wave action is on that part of the boom to know if you will have a lot of movement or if things are fairly calm but so long as there aren't any really violent waves typical over there 2-3 tires hanging off the back edge of step should work. Drill holes in sidewalls to hold them up 3-4" above the top of your step.

      The other thing to do (kind of a jacka$$ move though) is to use spring lines to put your stern just a bit forward of each boat on either side of you.
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