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  • Unknown panel switches

    on my 3870, I have a small switch panel at the fly bridge helm that seems largely inoperable. There are two push buttons, one hooded and labeled “horn “ although I hear only gurgling when pushed, and another labeled “accessory 2, “ with no apparent action when pushed...another horn perhaps?
    There are 4 2-position switches...nav lights , wiper ( no wipers on fly bridge soft enclosure) pump ( I thought this might be the aft manual bilge pump but no effect) and “accessory 1”...I have a currently inoperable spotlight that might be connected here as the control panel for that is not in evidence...any clues on how these switches and buttons should work would be appreciated

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    on my 4087, the push button switch operates the air horn, sounds like your needs repair? The accessory switch is an extra, no connections when viewed from under the dash.


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      I have a 1986 3870. The switch panels on mine are set up as follows-
      Left Panel- starting on left side - Horn, Blower, Bilge Forward, Bilge Aft, Accy. 1.
      Right Panel- Accy. 2 , Accy. 3, Court Lights, Anchor light, Nav. Lights.

      The Accy switches can be hooked up to anything such as electronics , extra accessories , etc.
      These switches are available at most boat shops. A few of them on my boat were bad when I got it. They are easy to change.
      If you look under the dash you can see which ones are hooked up- some may not be in use.
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