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Upper Helm Voltmeter 3270

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    Upper Helm Voltmeter 3270

    Slowly shortening my list day by day with the new boat. Next on the list is my Upper Helm Voltmeter. It is not reading anything. The lower one was not working when I bought it but that one had simply become unconnected on the lower helm. It now works fine. I tried cleaning the connections with some baking soda and water but no luck. I checked the wires and they all seemed in tact. Where else should I look? Does the blue wire/connecting part above the two prongs come out? I did not pull that one out and clean it. Disliking the previous owner more and more every new problem I find.

    The blue wire connects to the bulb.

    Check with a separate voltmeter if you have a reading between the two incoming wires(color varies but one is always black).
    If yes, the instrument is at fault (try brushing the posts with a bronze brush).

    If not, try connecting the separate voltmeter ground wire (black) to a known good ground and probe the two incoming wires one at a time. If you have a reading while touching the positive wire, then the ground wire of the instrument is bad (check the connection on the ground post of the bus)

    If no reading, good chances the positive wire has a bad contact somewhere around the contact/start key post.

    Hope this helps.
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      Thanks! That helped a lot. I will go check it today.


        I have been replacing my push on connectors with proper marine grade heat shrink ring terminals. Much more positive connection and corrosion resistant. That has cleaned up some intermittent issues. I still do have one voltmeter that seems to read low. Need to troubleshoot one of these days.....
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