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    Anchor Chain-gctid402383

    On my 3870 I did the wrong thing. I went to Lowes and got 5/16 inch chain for my anchor. It does not work well at all with my Lawmar vertical windless. Now I am going to pay the price and get anchor chain. My question is, what is the difference between G40 and BBB chain. Or does it make any difference.

    G4 is a higher rated breaking strength, but I think your question is about what fits the gypsy. You will have to try a short piece and ensure it fits what the gypsy is designed for. You want good galvanized and I am not sure the Lowes will like salt water much.
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      That sucks - sorry to hear it.

      G40 is stronger than BBB.

      Low tensile chain is G3 or G30 (300 MPa tensile strength) - it is the same chain as BBB, and it's also called proof coil.

      G4 or G40 is also called hi-test (not hi-tensile). It is medium tensile chain and has 400 MPa tensile strength.

      High tensile is what is used by truckers to secure semi-trailer loads. It's G7 or G70 (700 MPa)

      As Bob says, you need to match the pitch to your windlass. It's marked on top of the windlass' gypsy and in the manual.


        On your gypsy is a 3 digit code that will tell you which chain will work for your model. I called Lewmar when I replaced mine and they were very helpful.