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Looking for 3870 parts

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    Looking for 3870 parts

    Hi, all

    My 1985 3870 is new to me last September, and I am running into the inevitable hard-to-find parts as I work my way thru my projects list.

    Windshield wiper: missing one complete motor/arm assembly, and the old arms do not seem to take any of the blades I can find (14 in.)

    Cabin heater: electric unit just to port of the salon entrance, fan is kaput but coil still works. Found one supplier (King) on web but dimensions are a problem

    Spotlight: A Guest Co. model 291A is mounted forward of the flybridge, but I can't find any control panel anywhere (manual sez model 294A)

    Any help would be appreciated

    On the wiper motor, take the old one out, measure the length and diameter of the shaft. I found my replacement at Fisheries Supply in Seattle and it hooked right up. Research on their website before going in or doing will call reall helps. I almost always use will call after phoning in my order. When I bought my 3818 the wiper arm springs that hold the wiper against the glass were gone and getting the arms off required drilling into the motor end so I could break the end loose. It’s too tight to get a saw in there. I replaced the arms and blades.

    Cabin heater: King Pick-A-Watt 1215 $120 on Amazon. The heater unit fits in the existing heater box. I replaced all three of mine and am extremely happy, but there were a couple of installation challenges mostly getting the old unit out. Be prepared to do some disassembly around the enclosure. There’s a tab on one end of the heating assembly that is a bugger to get at in the salon. Then the wires need to be “encouraged” to reach the other end of the enclosure to connect to the King unit. The staterooms are easier, uh, sort of. What you need to do is remove the bottom shelf of the locker. It’s all held together with screws and having a power screwdriver is highly recommended along with a few spare bits. My boat is “moored” on the hard and I can only get 20 amps of power so I set the units up so that when they are all running they are only taking 15 amps. I also replaced the thermostats while I was at it. This winter the boat is warmer and dryer.

    Spot Light: I have a similar unit and the only controller is at the upper helm for whatever reason. Search LBHarvey, they do Jabsco spotlight repair and can probably set you up with an updated part number and part for matter to get that one off the list.
    P/C Pete
    Edmonds Yacht Club (Commodore 1993)
    1988 3818 "GLAUBEN”
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      The motor is probably a 1 1/2 " shaft, 2 1/2" will not work. If I am wrong I have a new 2 1/2" 2 speed for sale on ebay and one in the closet, AFI/Marinco brand.
      I use marine SS arms and automotive blades.

      $75.00 ea. free shipping

      Bayliner 3870 "ALASKA33)
      Twin 350 GM power
      Located in Seward, AK
      Retired marine surveyor