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    4788 water tank replacement-gctid402136

    The forward plastic water tank on our 2001 4788 has several cracks/leaks in it, one at the joint at the very top, and apparently other leaks much lower on the tank that I have not been able to locate. The tank appears to have been patched/repaired in the past, and the work was poorly accomplished. Rather than attempt a half-way solution, I plan to replace the tank.

    That said:

    Has anyone replaced one of these tanks? This is the forward, larger of the two water tanks, and is located in the forepeak under the forward end of the master berth. It appears the board on which the mattress rests is attached with only a few screws, and by removing them and a few pieces on molding the tank should be fully exposed and could be lifted out. It hardly seems the project could be this simple, so what else do I need to know?

    A rough measurement of the height of the tank, about 23 1/2", looks like it should fit through the passageway to the salon by only removing several doors. The existing tank can of course be cut up to remove it, but taking it out whole would be a good measure of whether the new one would fit bringing it in.

    Are there replacements for this specific tank available ready made, and from where, or will I need to have a custom tank built? In the case of a custom tank. I could have it built with slightly less depth so it would definitely fit down the passageway.

    Thank you for any and all help and suggestions. The problem with boat projects is that you rarely seem to do the same project twice, so it is always a new adventure.




    I believe Marine Sanitation next to Fisheries supply in Seattle can build you a custom plastic tank. Good people to work with. I would go with the largest I can get down the companion way.