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    3870 Nooby Questions

    Hello all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted because the 3870 I put an offer on had no registered title and it took a couple months for the seller to get his paperwork in order. Happy to report it finally sorted itself out and the wife and I spent our first night aboard last night here at the Swantown marina in Olympia. Now I just need to get comfortable with this boat and sort a few things out before we head back home to Victoria, BC, and this is where my questions belong. Remember, I’m a total boat noob so please excuse any daft sounding questions. I’ll just start with a list I guess, there will be plenty more to come:

    1. My shower and kitchen sink drain overboard. Is this still legal and normal?

    2. I have vaccu-flush toilets. One had stopped flushing. I suspect the system has lost vacuum seal somewhere. Any idea where the bad seal would likely be?

    3. My accessory battery will not hold a charge. The engine battery seems strong. Can I cruise back to Victoria with the jumper switch ‘on’ without draining the engine battery or causing some other problem? I’d rather deal with the dead battery at home so I can do it myself. I have no tools or anything with me.

    4. My portable water level gauge doesn’t seem to register anything. Any idea where the float sensor for that is at?

    5. I’m draining a fair bit of water out the aft bulge pump every day. It seems to be saltwater. Is that normal? I’m talking about a steady stream of water out the port that lasts at least a full minute.

    Here's a short list of answers.
    1). Yes
    2) need more info. does the vacuum pump come on ?? Their are a number of "seals"that can cause an air leak.
    3) No I would get a new battery,a Cresent wrench is all you need.
    4). The sending unit is on top of water tank.
    5). Check your Stuffing boxes/shaft need repacking/ tighting.
    I'am sure you will get a lot more responses, this was just quick and dirty......Good luck Brad
    Brad & Sharon
    Lady Jake
    1985 4550 EH 700TI /Twin Disc 502
    Anacortes/La Conner, Wa.


      Then To add to brad4550,
      3) take the battery terminals apart and clean both sides of the connection with a wire brush or battery post cleaning tool, call it an innie and outie brush, then after reassembly cover the connection and connectors with electric grease or vaseline.

      4) the potable water tank sending unit is located in the guest stateroom next to the passageway bulkhead and the bunk. There’s a small access panel there that when removed should also allow you to see the automatic bilge pump, vent line attachment and manually switched bilge pump.

      5) even if you have the “dripless” type of shaft logs check them underway. Shaft logs that use packing should drip a bit, but not much and may me need some time at YouTube University to recognize the proper drip rate. Dripless types also need to be adjusted from time to time or they will sling water all over the mine did when I bought my boat.
      P/C Pete
      Edmonds Yacht Club (Commodore 1993)
      1988 3818 "GLAUBEN”
      Hino EH700 175 Onan MDKD Genset
      MMSI 367770440