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Hurricane irma damage

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    Hurricane irma damage

    I have a 1994 3888, I am very lucky. I came back to my boat and it was still on top of the water, in spite of being only a mile from the eye. But the boat next to me rubbed the port side of my boat and tore the engine room vent coverts off. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could find some covers

    Sunbird got a group together to buy an economic quantity of the new style. That’s one way to go. The next would be boat scrappers. That louvered trim was used on a lot of Baylinerguru for quite a few years, I had them on my 1980 Encounter. Next, depending on how banged up and stretched the metal is, it is possible that they can be repaired. Any good classic car body shop should be able to guide you on that, there’s nothing magic about the shape or fabrication. The metal on one was galvanized steel making heating and welding an issue because of fumes, but working out some bent blades was easy. The metal is pretty soft, I don’t think it was tempered to any kind of hardness.
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