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How to remove ceiling panels in salon 4788

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  • How to remove ceiling panels in salon 4788

    Can anyone explain how to remove the vinyl ceiling panels in a 1998 4788? We are interested in mounting a fold down ceiling mount for a TV on the port side, above the two barrel chairs. Thanks! Laura and Artie

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    On my 20014788 the salon ceiling is vinyl, pressed into grooves in tracks mounted to the raw ceiling


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      Thanks for the response. So, they pop out if you push up on the seam between the panels? Or do you pry them down? Any screws or other fasteners holding the ends in place?


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        I think it's easier said than done although I haven't tried it. I do know the outer end vinyl lining is stapled (numerous staples) in the soffit/valance. Pulling down the soffit will let you see how the vinyl head lining fits into the track grooves. Removing the soffit is cumbersome and you'll need two people.

        I'm unsure of how or where your ceiling bracket will fit. If you push up the roof lining directly under the davit, you'll feel the plate/bolt heads/nuts, and that will give you a location perspective and you can then figure out the track location issues and ceiling bracket area placement. Maybe you can fit the bracket without rooting around with the ceiling lining. I assume you'll suspend it with thru bolts from the flybridge floor. If you need to get wood packers between the inside ceiling roof and the vinyl lining, that should be doable if you don't want the bracket to pull up and stretch the lining to the ceiling, which I think wouldn't look that good.

        I have hole sawed an 4" screw access cover on the vertical flybridge wall, just forward of the davit base wall support (where it rises at 45deg to the radar arch) to run cables and track a prior leak. That hole allows modest access to the soffit area, but there are cross structural wood supports here and there.

        Alternatively, you could X cut the vinyl roof lining where you want to position the bracket head inside the vinyl head lining and have a cover plate of sorts to sit around the vertical post to attach/cover the X cut.

        Hope this assists. Cheers

        PS. You could also think about using a raised lift mechanism/platform in the port side cupboards. Looks great and hides it away, but the downside is the loss of storage space.
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        John H
        Brisbane QLD Aust

        2000 - 4788/Cummins 370's


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          It's possible.

          This is a boat we looked at:

          We purchased a different one and currently have the port soffit removed for a leak repair. It'll be ~2w before we get back up there but if you can wait, I'll take some pics for you. It'll show exactly what you'll be working with.


          PS - You may also think about putting your location into your signature or profile. It will help you better connect with someone who is local to you.

          Our boat is in Anacortes, WA if you're in the neighborhood. The boat from the linked pic above is also in Anacortes.
          Chris & Bethany
          Sleep Walk - 1999 4788 w/330 Cummins
          New to us in October 2017
          Moored in Anacortes, WA

          Sold: 1994 2855 Rosalita 7.4L B2 2013-2017


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            John: thanks for the reply. We are full time cruisers, and can't afford to lose the cabinet space that a raised lift would entail. We also have an access port on the flybridge in about the same place. Thinking we may be able to fish a camera down to take a look. (our radar arch was hinged by the prior owner). If not, will likely follow the x in the vinyl procedure.

            Chris: Thanks for the photo. The drop down on the boat you didn't buy was about what we had envisioned; would probably forego the frame. If you are able to send photos of the area behind the port soffit when you return to your boat, that would be greatly appreciated. We appreciate the invite, but we are on the east coast.

            Laura and Artie
            Leap of Faith 1998 4788 w/330 Cummins
            New to us October 2017
            Cruising the Great Loop, East Coast and Bahamas


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              Here’s a photo of the port side with the valance down. As stated above the edges of the head liner are stapled to the sides. The second photo is the new valance I fabricated going in. I work alone most of the time so I used two adjustable boat poles to hold it up in position while I screwed it in.
              Even if you have help this will make it easier going back together.

              I opted to install a projector on the starboard side and a 6’ pull down screen on the port. The projectors have come a long way. Still not as good as an HD TV but it’s OK for the boat. I put a fireplace and storage drawers where the TV used to be.

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