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    Looking to upgrade-gctid348208

    I currently own a 1987 38' bayliner and earl is doing some engine work on it for me. I am thinking about upgrading to a 45 or a 43. Anybody out there that owns these models i would appreciate some info on which model would be best for me. We want something that would have more room

    but not break the bank with fuel use. So any info would be appreciated.

    What are your needs other than being economical? How do you use the boat?

    What you ask is all important, but very subjective.......


      We are keeping the boat in stuart we live in jax because my daughter moved to jupiter

      so we stay on the boat when we visit, eventually we would like to travel maybe part of the loop

      its just me and my wife but at times my grandkids go with us and there are 6 in their family.

      The 38 is doing ok but is a little cramped for more than just a weekend.


        You can't go wrong with a 45 or a 47.

        Drive one at trawler speeds and it probably won't burn all that much more fuel than your 38, although everything is of course relative.

        I would LOVE to be able to do the loop in our 47. That would be the trip of a lifetime!


        Whats the weather like on the boat

        Where am I right now?


          can you tell me where the extra 2' is in the 47 salon, kitchen, bedrooms etc.


            Hello Randy,

            "can you tell me where the extra 2' is in the 47 salon, kitchen, bedrooms etc."

            Where is the extra space....

            Salon - yes+

            Pilothouse - yes+

            Bedrooms - no-

            There are actually many differences between the 45 and the 47 with many updates on the 47 in total.

            "not break the bank with fuel use"

            A 47 compared to a 38 both with Hino's, approx change in fuel use is....

            - plus 10% more at 6 knots

            - plus 35% more at 15 knots

            Hope this helps
            Northport NY


              Earl just finished working on our 45, he can tell you all about it.

              On fuel consumption, we usually travel at 8-9 kts and average 3.5 gal/hr. At 15 kts, 15 gal/hr.

              We lived full time on the boat and it was very comfortable. Lots of room. The salon is nice sized, and the galley actually had more room than our apartment. The size of the forward head always impresses our boating friends. I think our favorite spot is the flybridge, though the cockpit is very comfy when on the hook on a windy day.

              The fuel economy and shallow draft make it a great Florida boat. We can get into places a lot of others can't.

              Please email me if you have other questions. I'd be more than happy to help you out.


              Irie Blue