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4788 PH door pile weatherstripping source?

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    4788 PH door pile weatherstripping source?

    Pulled my doors to replace rollers (much better!) but need to replace the kerfed wool pile weatherstripping (looks like 5/8" but hard to tell its so worn!) that runs along the height of the door along the back.
    Lots of googling but so far no joy... any ideas on source or a suitable approach for a replacement?

    Chesapeake Boater
    2001 Bayliner 4788, "Adagio"

    Dave, try this site.

    I bought and used #58-105 for the U frame door jamb. Not sure about the size that goes in the door slot. Hope it helps. Cheers
    John H
    Brisbane QLD Aust

    2000 - 4788/Cummins 370's


      Great site. Going to check all of mine out today and see if they need replacing.
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        Please report back which part number works well for the door, mine need replacing as well.

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          Yes, please let us know – rear weather stripping on our door also needs replacing.
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            I see a lot of people have asked about this - but I've never seen a definitive answer given on the best pile weatherstripping fit for our Bayliner doors.

            For lack of a better idea - I am going to order this in the 1/4" x 3/8" size. Hopefully it works well:

            Our 4788 has been without weatherstripping to seal any of the three sliding doors since we bought it, so I haven't been able to take an old sample out to measure so I am just guessing here.

            Fingers crossed it works - if not it is cheap enough to try something else.

            Does anyone have any tips on how to remove the doors to install this?


            - Chris
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              After a lot of web searching I wound up with this weatherseal from swisco. There's quite a large gap at the middle of the PH doors, this fills that and compresses for the top/bottom well and the kerf locks right into the existing slot. Not sure (yet) how well it will wear compared to pile.

              Chesapeake Boater
              2001 Bayliner 4788, "Adagio"


                When we redid our PH doors, we purchased the sweeper type insulation strip from a commercial glass company. The kind that sell windows, and do stores as well. They took us into the back and we picked out the kinds we wanted and then they sold it to us by the foot. Most towns have these shops. Just look on the web.
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