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HELP..Prop Size for Newly Re-Powered 3270-gctid401290

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    HELP..Prop Size for Newly Re-Powered 3270-gctid401290

    I recently had my Volvo 305's replaced with Fuel Injected 5.7 Crusader's.

    I'm sure the original props aren't adequate for this engine set up. Does anyone know what the original prop size was with the 305's ?

    The boat is in the water now and I would like to purchase the new props without having to pull and re-launch just to get the prop size.

    Also, if anyone knows the shaft size that would be helpful.

    4 blade props or 3 blade


    I'm pretty sure that the original props for the V8 gas option engines were 3 blade 16x14, 1 1/4" shafts. I don't know if they were cupped or not.

    Unless you have the manufacturer's torque curve for your new engine it would be hard to predict what the difference in usable torque between your original and new engines will be.

    16x 14 Nibral with a mild cup is a good place to start. Depending on the weight and trim of your boat you may be able to add a bit of pitch later if you find it will spin up higher than you want it to.


      Mine are 16 X 16 3 blade. I don't know if that is original or not.
      1986 3270
      Volvo 305s

      MMSI 338130047
      Lake Michigan


        Thank you guys

        much appreciated!