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Side Power Thrusters Customer Support and Troubleshooting

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  • talman
    I had a similar experience, which is documented here:
    Their documentation is excellent, as well. Checking brushes:
    The brushes can be hard to get out. I chipped one last time I pulled one out. I bought replacements at Fisheries in Seattle as they were the lowest price I could find. I have them for spares.

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  • Woodsea
    I had a similar interaction with Ray last summer on my bow thruster. He walked my thru the process of freeing up and cleaning the brushes. Thruster works great now!

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  • Side Power Thrusters Customer Support and Troubleshooting

    I want to give a public thanks to Ray LaVoie at IMTRA (Side Power).

    I have a thruster which currently only goes to starboard. I was dreading trying to troubleshoot this on my own but was still scouring the internet to try to figure out where to start. Based on stuff I had read here (but can't currently find), I called their number (508 995 7000) and asked for tech support. Ray was the guy I got forwarded to. After about 15 min on the phone with him guiding me around the components, we had the issue troubleshot and I had part numbers in my email of what needed to be replaced. He saved me ~1-2h of tech time to diagnose the issue ($'s) and was incredibly patient with me while I improvised a jumper and crawled around the boat.

    I haven't called too many customer service lines in my career as a consumer- mostly from dreading the stereotypically useless customer service interaction. This was the spectral opposite. He was a pleasure to deal with and clearly knew his product in detail.

    Thank you Ray.