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Oil leak at turbo - 6BTA

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    Oil leak at turbo - 6BTA

    A friend of mine has a 2005 Meridian with 6BTAs, and we spotted an oil leak (small drip) from the turbo. This is the side opposite the air filter. Any ideas on what is happening??
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    It is probably caused by too much blowby. If if has Walker Airseps they need to be thoroughly cleaned. A picture would help pinpoint exactly where the leak is. Tony Athens sells an Envirovent system that is supposed to help, but in my case just cleaned the Airseps and made sure not to add more than 13 quarts to the oil pan. This helped limit blowby. Check his site for useful tricks
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      it could also be a bad turbo seal... they always leak on the engine/pressure side of the turbo, vs the aircleaner/vacuum side... remove the intake tube from the turbo (air cleaner side) and check for play in the impeller shaft.

      if there is a lot of wet oil on the intake side, it could be from the blow-by tube, but if its not wet and dripping there it is going to be the turbo seal...

      turbo seals go out for two reasons..... either the bearings go bad and allows the shaft to wobble, OR, the engine gets shut down too soon after a run without a chance to cool down, and it cooks the seals... in which case the bearings will be the next to go...

      as for what may seem like a lot of excessive blow-by, a dirty air cleaner can cause oil to be drawn up the blow-by tube, and so it can look like a serious problem when all it needs is serviced properly.

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        If you have the typical Walker AirSep system, the breather hose comes out of the crankcase behind the after cooler, loops down toward the bilge, then up to the air filter. Oil mist and sludge will accumulate at the bottom of the hose loop until it blocks the hose, then the oil burps up into the turbo. The fix is to put a Tee and "puke" bottle at the bottom of the breather hose or buy one of Tony's Envirovent breathers. This might be an easy first test. Lots of good info on or Tony's site,
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