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    Oil Change

    My 1986 3270 has the twin Hino four cylinder motors (W40D I think). In one of my motor manuals, it shows that on the starboard side of the motor, there is a tube that comes from a fitting in the oil pan and comes up the starboard side (just aft of the oil filter housing) and clips onto a mount that is on the heat exchanger. This is labeled "oil drain tube". I have looked on both my motors and can not find either the oil pan fitting or the tube. How do you other Hino owners drain your oil for an oil change? Should I just plan on using the old "suck it out of the dipstick tube" method?
    1986 3270, twin 110 Hinos
    Olympia, WA

    Mine had black hose coming from the oil pan. Port engine on stbd side and stbd engine hose on its port side. If you somehow don't have the hoses, you're stuck with the dip stick.
    1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'