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Potential new owner of a 1987 3288 on a trailer!

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    You do need a permit in Idaho for oversize and over 12' wide on 2 lane roads needs a Pilot Car
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      I have the same boat. While the arch has to come down for sure, it all depends on how the boat measures out on the trailer. You might have to remove the venturi, the steering wheel, maybe the gauges up top. The boat is 11' 6" at the beam. That trailer is worth an easy 8-10K.
      Nothing wrong with those 305's. Easy to maintenance (other than no room lol) low cost parts, no smell and faster. Just keep it at hull speed and they are not that bad on the fuel. Check the threads on 32XX things to check closely like fuel tanks etc.

      Couple other observations, electronic distributors, transom gate all goodness. "Wired for generator" probably means it broke and was removed. Not the end of the world with a inverter, and you can always find a inexpensive replacement.

      Custom engine vent covers !


        Originally posted by yachtman View Post

        That's a good catch. To looks bent too. It may just be the angle of the pic. That would be a good negotiating point for a lower price if it is. The trailing edge should be going straight down for the most part. You should look at both of them.

        a new one of those is about $2000 each plus labor. I just went through that with my 3450 . It was bent enough I couldn't get it out of the rudder housing. Cost me around $2000 for a new rudder and housing from marine hardware.

        when I say it's a good negotiation point I mean it's probably a good $3000 + drop in the price.

        on a side note I have 2 good rudders and housings from a 3288 that I would let go cheap. And being that you don't live too far away well if so you would be set. A rudder isn't too difficult to change out. I couple hours maybe.

        It looks bent to be as well. I am having trouble with my bank because of the age of the boat. They said they went to a new policy of not allowing boats as collateral for anything older than 20 years. So I would have to look at something 1998 or newer. I don't like any of those boats! I am still working on it.


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          Yeah, old boats - no loans.

        Seems a bit high price wise for a gasser with no electronics and some questionable tile work.

        Arch will need to come down to get under 14'. If you are towing into a neighborhood I would take the venturi ($750) off since you won't have regular semi traffic there to trim the trees back.

        If I was going to regularly tow I would get rid of the Arch to make life a bit easier. Make sure the trailer has brakes on all axles - that is a WA requirement, not all states are the same. Lots of places where it gets colder have trailers with no brakes just to haul out of marina into an adjacent storage yard.

        The painted trailer won't fare well if you are going to regularly dunk it in salt.
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          Here you go I hope the post. If you look close you will see a 26 ft bayliner behind me. The yellow life ring in on his radar acrh. I also added a one of the boat on the trailer at the dealer before shipping. Love the trailer.