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4788 Exterior Zinc List?

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    4788 Exterior Zinc List?

    Prepping to head to the Bahamas and wanted to get a spare set of zincs for the shafts, stern, and trim tabs.....and any others I may have missed. does anyone know the sizing on those three? I have the pencil zincs for the engines & genset. The water here in JAX is so dark (looks like coffee) that I cannot see them.

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    Zinc size depends on conditions. Salinity, stray currents for example. Generally if you have little zincs after a season you should go up in size. I use a 3/4" thick 6x12 main zinc up from 1/2". I use 4" round trim tab zincs up from 3". No worries if too much is left at the end of the season. I do not use shaft zincs and never have on three Bayliners that came from the factory without shaft zincs. You can learn about zincs on the web. Here's jut one:
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      Thanks Bob! Very helpful!

    I use two 2ā€ 2 bolt heavy shaft zincs per shaft and one 1ā€ thick 6x12ā€ divers dream transom zinc. Everything metal that is in contact with sea water is bonded to the transom zinc with new 6 gage marine wire and shrink wrapped terminals. I had to deal with electrolysis due to a failure of the bonding system when we first got our boat so I have taken maybe more precaution than necessary. I did what my ABYC marine electrician told me to do and had him inspect and test the system. All good now but it was expensive to correct and could have been avoided with proper maintenance of the zincs and grounding system.

    Fyi, I am thinking of changing the above to aluminum anodes. Iā€™m told they work much better in fresh water and just as well in salt water. Comments? I know a bunch of you boat in both. What do you use?
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