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Who has replaced their exhaust hoses?

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    Who has replaced their exhaust hoses?

    Hi gang,

    We are enjoying our 4087 immensely. After buying her in June, we have spent about 51 boat nights on her so far this year, so I'd say she's getting good use!

    One thing the surveyor brought up was the crazing / cracked (with age, not leaking) exhaust hoses. She's a 1999, so I am curious how many people have done this replacement in general, and specifically on the 4087. I don't see how my hoses could be any different than others of the same vintage, and when I have asked various boat yards about doing the work, it seems like a very uncommon repair. I attached a couple of pics - the one with no cracking is inside the engine room, the one with more surface cracking is in the aft locker, exiting the hull. Any comments or better yet, comparison pictures would be awesome. Hopefully other people will be interested in photo comparisons as well.

    Because the engines are so far from the stern in the 4087, there are many feet of hose involved, and a lot of labor. Any other suggestions would be appreciated, including getting another surveyor to give another opinion perhaps? Asking the yard is like asking a barber if I need a haircut, or better yet, asking the baker if I need another cookie...

    On another note: In Montague Harbor this summer we met a very nice couple on a 3587 from Ladysmith - if you read this, could you please send me a PM? I'm afraid I lost your contact info and boat name...

    Thanks everyone,

    Outside in aft locker, exits the hull. Inside the engine room, close to the engine and much higher heat.
    1999 4087 Cummins 270's
    AB 12 Yamaha 25
    Cruising the Pacific NW from Anacortes to Desolation Sound

    While I don’t have a 4087, and my boat is eleven years older, I have two immediate responses. The first is the lazerette hoses, IMO, need to be replaced. The second is that mine have been replaced along with the mufflers. Just going on the external visual appearance is not really enough though. I’d be doing an endoscopy of the hoses before going much further. The cameras that have a USB port are available from amazon at a very reasonable cost and connect right to a PC. I have a notebook PC I keep on the boat and have checked bunches of places that only the camera can go.
    Depending on where your mufflers are, you may be able to just replace the aft section of hose. Then again, the front section may be ugly inside making replacement advisable.
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      I replaced mine three years ago when repairing the mufflers. They were a bugger to fit over the risers. Heat gun was needed to soften the rubber and dish soap.
      "Martini's Law"
      1986 Bayliner 3270, 110 Hino's
      Nova Scotia, Canada


        The mechanic that did the pre-purchase inspection on my 1999, 3788 felt that one had hardened and recommended replacing it at a minimum. I asked for all of them to be replaced. That was three years ago.

        BTW, I went with conventional hose. I understand that silicone hose is longer lasting and easier to install.
        1999 3788, Cummins 270 "Freedom"
        2013 Boston Whaler 130 SS
        Anacortes, WA


          I had mine replaced in 2013 when I had new risers installed. One had a bubble in it most likely from a prior heat issue, it could have burst at any time.

          I bought one of the USB cameras and it's been great to have it. I've been able to look into places that I could never see into. Highly recommended, add it to your Christmas list.
          Yep, my 4588 Bayliner IS my happy place :whistle:


            Mine were replaced during the mechanical inspection. The inspection reveled that the risers needed replacement. I had completely different stainless steel risers installed. This required new exhaust hoses. That was almost two years ago. 3870 Hinos from 1987 vinatage.


              Thanks guys. And awesome idea for the USB camera, it's going on the Christmas list for sure. Then what did you do with the camera, put it on a plumbing snake perhaps?
              1999 4087 Cummins 270's
              AB 12 Yamaha 25
              Cruising the Pacific NW from Anacortes to Desolation Sound


                Mine has a lead of about 8'. It's stiff and if you unroll it you can push it along if it has support (ie down along the hull). It won't support it's weight in the air for more than about 2'. It will go around corners if you start it with a bend and then continue to add to the bend.

                The only problem is getting oriented on which way is "up" as you watch. It helps to go slow as you push into the space, it has a pretty narrow field.

                The software I have lets me do video capture so I can watch it later to make sure I know what's going on.

                It has a ring light around the lens, so there is light it can see by. If you have a way to get light from another direction it helps you to get your bearings.
                Yep, my 4588 Bayliner IS my happy place :whistle:


                  given the post title, my initial reaction is "man that's gonna hurt!" lmao
                  Novurania 335DL. 30HP. WKRP in cincinnati. Previously: Bayliner 3818 in PNW.


                    Hi Mark
                    The only words of wisdom I can give you (not having. 4087) after replacing our mufflers/exhaust hoses a Sawsall is your best friend.
                    Good luck Brad
                    Brad & Sharon
                    Lady Jake
                    1985 4550 EH 700TI /Twin Disc 502
                    LaConner,Wa. (summer)
                    2003 Scout CC 24' W/225 Yamaha
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                      I replaced my exhaust hose on a 3270. I used the 4 inch corrugated ones, much easier to deal with that the straight stiffer ones. I used the Vetus type, the one with the yellow stripe. A bit more expensive but worth it.

                      1987 3270 135-Hino
                      Foxtrap, Newfoundland


                        I have a 3587 which is basically the same boat without the cockpit. If one did need to replace the hoses and mufflers, I have no idea how one would get to the hose that is under the aft cabin on both sides. Looks like it would be a real b**** and more.
                        1998 3587 Bayliner, Port Orchard, WA


                          Hi Baylineguy

                          I here you there! I have wondered the same thing a few times.
                          Has anyone on the forum ever replaced the exhaust hoses/mufflers in the aft cabin area?
                          The bed would obviously have to be disassembled to get to the starboard side. On the port side it seems pretty tricky to get in behind the fiberglass work in the head; has anyone pulled the lower panel under the sink on the port side?

                          1995 Bayliner 3587
                          Twin Hino 250HP
                          Located In Sidney BC, Canada


                            We have a 1996 4087 and replaced our hoses many years ago. I highly recommend getting those replaced ASAP. They are easy to get at and gives you good peace of mind. I’m sure you check all hoses and clamps regularly, but in particular watch for the turbo hoses, center aft on each engine. You’ll have to drain all the coolant out to do it and there is a lot, so a big bucket is essential.

                            We spend over 3 months in San. Juan & Gulf Islands each season and often go to Montague on the hook, if you see Lazy Days 4087 come by for a beverage!

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                              Originally posted by baylineguy View Post
                              I have a 3587 which is basically the same boat without the cockpit. If one did need to replace the hoses and mufflers, I have no idea how one would get to the hose that is under the aft cabin on both sides. Looks like it would be a real b**** and more.
                              Yep, that's precisely why I wanted to see if anyone has actually done this.

                              Machog, could you please shed some light on your 'They are easy to get at" comment for us? After staring at the hoses for a long time, I'm assuming you pull them in pieces forward into the engine room? It's hard to imagine having to rip apart the cabinetry! Did you do it yourself, or use a yard? How many hours labor would you guess?

                              We're generally in the same area as you for as much of July and August as we can. This year we spent 5 great days anchored in Tribune Bay on Hornby, then spent a couple of weeks in Desolation Sound before getting back down to Montague, Rosario, Friday, Pirates, etc. We'll look for you next year!



                              PS this is timely because my insurance agent left me a message this week wondering if I have replaced the hoses yet...
                              1999 4087 Cummins 270's
                              AB 12 Yamaha 25
                              Cruising the Pacific NW from Anacortes to Desolation Sound