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1985 Explorer 3270 gas/diesel pros and cons please-gctid400817

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    1985 Explorer 3270 gas/diesel pros and cons please-gctid400817

    I am sold on buying a late 80's bayliner explorer 3270 as my big upgrade from a weekend cuddy to a summer liveaboard. I live in Canada but it seems the pricing for these in the US is much less. I am looking for any feedback about this model. Overall how the vessels are taking the aging process and any common problems related to owning one of these etc. I appreciate all who take the time to post any information. Thank You

    Hi and welcome. Check out this link.

    There is literally a ton of information here at BOC that can be found by seaching. The gas vs. diesel question really comes down to price and how you plan on using the boat. The best piece of information I can offer is to get a survey.



      We had a gas 32 for 5 years & have owned a 38 for 3. The 32s are great boats but to liveaboard I would go with a 38, much more room, larger galley with a 3/4 size fridge. Either boat

      would be a good choice, I live on mine 8 to 9 months of the year & the 38 IMHO is better suited for comfort for a liveaboard boater. Diesel power or gas depends on how much cruising you plan to do & how much of the maintenance on the engines that you can do yourself. Also a freshwater boat ages slower than one from salt all other things equal. And the money spent on a surveys for the boat & engines is money well spent. Good luck
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